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The Cable Guy

  1. Funny Songs Performed in Comedy Movies Released as Singles to Promote […] This was a curious promotional thing in the ‘90s and slightly beyond, back when music videos were a relevant cultural force. A funny […]
  2. The Cable Guy’s Unfair StigmaThe Cable Guy was one of the funniest movies of the 1990s and few people know it. If you’ve only seen it once, chances are you probably still […]
  3. behind the scenes
    Judd Apatow Tells Us the Legend of The Cable Guy, the Bomb That Wasn’tAll in his words, how he thought he had a hit with Jim Carrey but was shocked by the critical backlash.
  4. the water cooler
    Grub Street Defends ‘The Cable Guy,’ and Other Awesome Responses to Our Actors-Turned-Directors List“A work of surpassing genius.”
  5. vulture lists
    10 Worst Movies Directed by ActorsAnd Dances With Wolves was number 11!