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  1. the cove
    Not a Single Japanese Movie Theatre Has Screened The CoveA Japanese nationalist fringe group is scaring theaters away from the film.
  2. Oscarcast Review: Great Results, Dull ShowIf you’ve seen the Oscars in the past 81 years, you knew what you were gonna get.
  3. Bigelow Wins DGA Award; Brangelina Shows’The Hurt Locker’ director’s win was nearly eclipsed by the apparent refutation of all those break-up rumors
  4. threats
    Dolphin Hunters to Sue Makers of The Cove Once They’ve Seen It, Maybe“We may take some sort of action, including legal steps, if we watch it and find problems.”
  5. happy endings
    The Cove Worked, Maybe!“Yes, today was a good day for dolphins … Tomorrow, too, I predict will be a good day for dolphins.”
  6. in the magazine
    Flipper’s Trainer Makes Amends, and Other Culture Highlights From This Week’s New YorkSpike Lee! Judy Collins! Jacqueline Bisset! And more!
  7. trailer mix
    Animal Lovers Should Prepare to Bring a Few Extra Hankies Along When They See The CoveThe film won an Audience Award at this year’s Sundance Film Festival.
  8. best of the fest
    Best. Sundance. Ever?Special acting prize recipient: Mo’Nique!
  9. best of the fest
    Sundance: Shock Docs Seize the Power of the ImageThis year’s documentarians are bringing us images from places we’re not meant to see.
  10. best of the fest
    The Cove’s Richard O’Barry on Secret Dolphin Slaughter — and Flipper’s SuicideThe dolphin “abolitionist” speaks to us about watching TV with Flipper and dodging the yakuza.