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The Crucible

  1. q&a
    It’s an Artist’s Job to ‘Hold the Mirror Up to the Oppressor’Succession star Brian Cox has more to say than what he expressed during his SAG Awards speech.
  2. theater reviews
    The Understated Charms of The Underlying Chris, and a High-Decibel CrucibleWill Eno, produced quietly, and Arthur Miller, not.
  3. life in pictures
    A Day With Ben Whishaw, From Diner Coffee to Onstage ScarsWhen he’s not acting on Broadway, the Crucible star leads a relatively quotidian New York existence
  4. theater reviews
    Theater Review: The CrucibleDirector Ivo van Hove lets us feel more strongly the role the play’s overwhelming structural brilliance plays in locking us down.