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The Dark Tower

  1. vulture lists
    Every Stephen King Movie, RankedWith Firestarter in theaters, we take a deeper look at all of the horror master’s films.
  2. how movies are written now
    Sequels Are Killing the Art of the ScreenplayConsider The Mummy, a textbook case of what happens when a studio’s drive to build franchises, tentpoles, and universes rearranges a screenplay’s DNA.
  3. bad news
    Numbers Are In And The Summer Box Office Officially Tanked This YearIf only Wonder Woman could just be re-released every month.
  4. Why Is Idris Elba Always Menaced by Smiley Faces?Idris Elba can’t catch a break from this emoticon in his movies.
  5. movie review
    The Dark Tower Is Not That Terrible — But It Does Feel Like a Copy of a CopyThe fantasy epic, a handy target for everything derivative and dull-witted in the sci-fi–fantasy genre, feels wan and bloodless.
  6. timelines
    A Timeline of The Dark Tower’s Long Journey to the ScreenSeven years of waiting ends this week.
  7. Maybe Don’t Expect a Dark Tower SequelBut do expect Dark Tower spoilers in this post.
  8. A Guide to The Dark Tower Series’s Weirdest Words and PhrasesAhead of the film’s release, we examine the most bizarre turns of phrase in Stephen King’s seminal novels.
  9. running time
    The Dark Tower Will Be the Rarest of All Gifts: A 90-Minute Summer BlockbusterThat’s half an hour shorter than this summer’s average tentpole film.
  10. The Dark Tower Trailer: The Gunslinger and the Man in Black Face OffThe Stephen King adaptation arrives in theaters August 4.
  11. the industry
    Dark Tower Producers Will Make That TV Show TooIt’ll be a prequel based on Stephen King’s Wizard and Glass.
  12. the industry
    The Dark Tower Movie Is Officially On, With a Few Slight ChangesThey won’t be starting at the first book, and there won’t yet be a TV show.
  13. the industry
    Abbey Lee in Talks for Dark Tower AdaptationAustralian model Abbey Lee would play Tirana in the Stephen King adaptation.
  14. the dark tower
    King Confirms Elba, McConaughey Dark Tower Rumor“It’s more likely than not it’ll happen at this point.”
  15. the industry
    Idris Elba Might Be Your Dark Tower GunslingerOpposite Matthew McConaughey.
  16. the industry
    McConaughey’s Looking at Dark Tower Villain RoleOh, be bad.
  17. the industry
    The Dark Tower Movie Is Happening AgainIt’s back from the dead.
  18. All 64 Stephen King Books, RankedLooking back over more than 40 years’ worth of his work.
  19. casting couch
    Aaron Paul Would Join the Dark Tower Movie in a SecondAs reformed junkie Eddie Dean.
  20. development hell
    Warner Bros. Won’t Make The Dark Tower EitherRon Howard’s Stephen King adaptation is in trouble.
  21. development hell
    Dark Tower Update: Javier Bardem Out, Russell Crowe ConsideringWarner Bros. also has a new script in hand.
  22. movies not to make
    Three Reasons For (and Eight Against) Ron Howard’s Dark Tower AdaptationThe project is perpetually on again, off again. And that might be alright.
  23. movies
    Warner Bros. May Make The Dark TowerRon Howard is still attached to direct.
  24. the dark tower
    Brian Grazer: HBO Will Make The Dark TowerHe still needs to secure a movie studio, though.
  25. the industry
    Ron Howard’s Dark Tower Project Looks Very WobblyStudios are approaching him for other projects.
  26. big ideas
    Stephen King’s The Dark Tower Will Be Adapted Into Three Movies and Two TV SeasonsThat will be released in this brand-new order: movie, TV season, movie, TV season, movie.
  27. the industry
    Industry Roundup: Krasinski, Heigl, The Dark TowerPlus: ‘Glee”s Quinn to date an alien.