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  1. spinoff things
    Netflix Is Animating the Stranger-verseThe Duffer brothers said a new show set in the Stranger Things universe will be like “the Saturday morning cartoons that we grew up loving.”
  2. remembrances
    This Time Tomorrow, TodayEmma Straub remembers her father, horror icon Peter Straub.
  3. editing bay dispatch
    The Stranger Things Season-One Edit Theory Is Getting StrangerPeeps are peeping Jon in the Peeping Tom scene from season one, and they’re not liking what they’re seeing.
  4. netflix house style
    The Duffer Brothers’ MasterClass Kills All Hope for a Steve and Dustin SpinoffBut it just might tease a conspiracy-theory-filled Stranger Things 5.
  5. will byers gay watch
    Did Will Byers Come Out in the Stranger Things Finale? An Investigation.It’s the subtext that just won’t quit.
  6. spoiler alert!
    Duffer Brothers Have Alleged Hissy Fit Over Spoilers in Stranger Things MonopolyWith everything going on at Netflix, a few Community Chest cards are the least of their worries.
  7. tv
    Stranger Things’ Duffer Brothers Accused of Verbal Abuse By Former Crew MemberThey would allegedly “seek out and verbally abuse multiple women” on the show’s set.
  8. vulture festival la 2017
    Why the Duffer Brothers Decided to Make Steve Harrington TV’s Best BabysitterIt all started when they shot the train-tracks scene.
  9. The Duffer Brothers Recap Stranger Things 2, ‘Chapter 9: The Gate’The Snow Ball kissing scene, the Upside Down cliffhanger, and what to expect in Stranger Things 3.
  10. The Duffer Brothers Recap Stranger Things 2, ‘Chapter Eight: The Mind Flayer’On that thing that happens to Bob: “It was one of the toughest, toughest scenes, emotionally, for everybody.”
  11. The Duffer Brothers Recap Stranger Things 2, ‘Chapter Seven: The Lost Sister’“We actually did toy with pulling the episode completely.”
  12. stranger episodes
    The Duffer Brothers Defend That Divisive Stranger Things ‘Lost Sister’ Episode“Eleven’s journey kind of fell apart, like the ending didn’t work, without it.”
  13. The Duffer Brothers Recap Stranger Things 2, ‘Chapter 4: Will the Wise’“Listen, we’re never going to have Joyce trash her house again. We’ve done it twice. We’re done.”
  14. Sean Astin Almost Had a Very Different Story Line in Stranger Things 2The Duffer Brothers loved Bob so much, they wrote him a bigger role.
  15. The Duffer Brothers Recap Stranger Things 2, ‘Chapter Three: The Pollywog’“That’s our Gremlins episode.”
  16. The Duffer Brothers Recap Stranger Things 2, ‘Chapter 2: Trick or Treat, Freak’“We’re very pro-Three Musketeers.”
  17. The Duffer Brothers Recap Stranger Things 2, ‘Chapter One: MadMax’Matt and Ross Duffer explain how they made ‘Madmax,’ the first episode of Stranger Things season two.
  18. Stranger Things 2 Was Worth the WaitThe second season of the Netflix sci-fi hit is just as good as the first.
  19. race against time
    Netflix Tried to Rush Shooting Stranger Things Before Everyone Grew UpThe Duffer Brothers would not allow for an accelerated shooting schedule.
  20. renewals
    The Duffer Brothers Confirm Stranger Things Will Get a Third SeasonThe show’s creators hope to wrap up the series after four seasons.
  21. party chat
    Stranger Things Was Originally Going to Be More R-rated“Winona’s character was like, ‘Eff this, eff that!’ It felt a little bit unnecessary.”
  22. The Duffer Bros Discuss Barb’s Stranger Fate *smirks sardonically over giant glasses*
  23. chat room
    Stranger Things’ Duffer Bros on Casting Winona“Matthew McConaughey and his McConaissance was a huge help.”