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The Eternal Smile

  1. the take
    ‘The Wire’: Can You Really Wiretap a Reporter’s Phone?And what’s that clicking sound?
  2. kudos
    Triumph: Worst-Ever Awards Show Scores Better Than Worst-Ever RatingsDefying our stern warnings, an astounding 17.5 million masochistic viewers tuned into the Grammys, making it only the third-lowest-rated show in the awards’ history.
  3. overnights
    ‘Friday Night Lights’: Season Ends, for Now, Mid–Cycle of LifeThe Friday Night Lights writers like to keep the narratives cycles as tight as Tyra’s gym shorts.
  4. quote machine
    Morris Day’s Been Watching You, Rihanna, and He Thinks He Wants to Know Ya (Know Ya)Plus: Method Man, why did Cheese have to do Prop Joe like that?