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The Fiery Furnaces

  1. encounter
    Perfecting the Backhanded Volley With Eleanor FriedbergerThe erstwhile Fiery Furnace talks tennis, performing with Patti Smith, and more.
  2. now you see them…
    A New Approach in Celebrity Portraits: Have the Stars HideIn these portraits of Seth Rogen, Amy Poehler, and others, photographer Chris Buck asked them to stay out of sight.
  3. all things considered
    Is NPR Actually an Indie-Music Tastemaker?Or just an indie-music purveyor?
  4. beef
    Beck Comes to Radiohead’s Defense Via Song, Sort OfIt’s confusing. Also, it involves avant-garde composer Harry Partch.
  5. right-click
    The Fiery Furnaces Get Happy, Sort OfThis one’s a real head-scratcher.
  6. last night’s gig
    Obama Fund-raiser Brings ‘Limeys’ Franz Ferdinand to Tiny VenueThe mood at Barack Rock was more relaxed and celebratory than the tenor of the hard-fought campaign would lead anyone to believe!
  7. right-click
    Kings of Leon: Unsurprisingly Psyched, ExuberantPlus My Morning Jacket, Super Furry Animals, and Fiery Furnaces!