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    Rumor Has It Disney Is Asking Taika Waititi to Make a Star Wars MovieYou’d want him to direct your movie, too, if you had the money.
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    The Gossip’s Beth Ditto Presides Over a Backwards Bar Brawl in Her ‘Fire’ VideoWatch, line dance, and learn.
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    Watch the New Video From the Gossip, ‘Move in the Right Direction’They say it’s wrong to gossip, but when it’s this good, how can you resist?
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    Watch the Gossip Perform at Cannes for General Aladeen (Sacha Baron Cohen)Everyone loves Beth Ditto, even the Dictator!
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    Watch the New Video From the Gossip, ‘Perfect World’They’re going to take you there! (Madonna reference.)
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    The Gossip Bears the CrossAnd it is heavy.
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    The Flaming Lips Write Most Nonsensical Song YetPlus: Lil Wayne!
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    The Chemical Brothers Are Swimming UpstreamThe latest MP3s to hit the blogs.
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    R. Kelly: Not the Ideal Spokesman for Virginia Tech