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The Great Dictator

  1. There’s Never Been a Better Time to Watch Charlie Chaplin’s ‘The Great […]As the ugliness of the Trump administration’s nationalism and hate has roared into office in the last six weeks, it’s drawn more than one […]
  2. The 20 Best Comedy Movies of All TimeThe funniest movies tend to burrow into our brains like no other form of popular entertainment. Through repeated viewings and earworm quotes, […]
  3. history
    The Complicated Tale of Chaplin’s Great DictatorUnlike The Interview, Chaplin was trying to make a social and political statement.
  4. vulture lists
    How Five World Leaders Reacted to Hollywood’s Unflattering Depictions Hitler, Saddam, Bush, Clinton.
  5. charlie chaplin
    Charlie Chaplin Gets Auto-TunedWait, Chaplin’s in the Black Eyed Peas?
  6. The Dictator, Great and Otherwise: Is Sacha Baron Cohen the Modern Charlie […] The Guardian’s Phil Hoad points out that, not only do Sacha Baron Cohen’s The Dictator and Charlie Chaplin’s The Great Dictator seem cut from […]
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    Tina Fey, ‘W.,’ and the Ten Funniest Political Impressions of All Time
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    In Bass Baritone’s Warm Memoir, It’s the Story That SingsThomas Quasthoff now stands at just four feet tall, with severely underdeveloped legs and arms — and having fashioned himself one of the great bass baritones of the age.