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The Green Knight

  1. awards season
    The Gothams Announce Their Nominees, Gender-Neutral Acting CategoriesFor the first time, the independent film and TV awards body has gender-neutral acting categories.
  2. close reads
    The Enigmatic Ending of The Green Knight, ExplainedIt’s like The Sopranos, but maybe not exactly like The Sopranos.
  3. deep dive
    The Swashbuckling Fantasy of Dev PatelAs Gawain in The Green Knight and David Copperfield before that, the actor is bending the arc of English literary tradition around him.
  4. movie review
    The Green Knight Is a Ravishing, Unsettling FantasyIn David Lowery’s new A24 movie, Dev Patel is a gadabout in search of a legend to call his own.
  5. roll clip!
    The Green Knight Clip: Dev Patel Is Your Knight in Shining … NothingLust after this new clip from David Lowery’s The Green Knight.
  6. trailer mix
    Dev Patel Is Axe Daddy in The Green Knight TrailerThis one’s for the horny nerds.
  7. the replacements
    Wanted to See The Green Knight? Try These 5 Movies InsteadMacbeth, Legend, Monty Python, and more.
  8. trailer mix
    Dev Patel’s Knives Are Out in The Green Knight TrailerHe even wields a sword.