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The Handmaid’s Tale Season 4

  1. a long talk
    Elisabeth Moss on Tackling The Handmaid’s Tale From Both Sides of the Camera“I’ve always thought, in a way, that is actually the way a director thinks. I just never realized it.”
  2. overnights
    The Handmaid’s Tale Recap: Halo EffectJune fought like hell to get to Canada, but now that she’s there, she may have to sacrifice her most vital relationships in order to enact revenge.
  3. chat room
    The Handmaid’s Tale’s Madeline Brewer Thinks We’ve All Underestimated JanineThe supposedly delicate handmaid’s first flashback reveals the reserve of inner strength that Janine is starting to tap into.
  4. close reads
    The Continued Cost of June’s SurvivalThe Handmaid’s Tale has turned its protagonist into a bulletproof dream heroine leaving a growing pile of collateral damage in her wake.
  5. tv review
    The Handmaid’s Tale Gets Its Mojo BackAfter two seasons stuck in a hamster wheel of ugly conflict, the series finally delivers some much-needed forward movement and emotional payoff.