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  1. Todd Phillips: ‘People Will Come to Realize How Brilliant ‘Hangover II’ Is’“Every joke in Hangover II is completely different. My feeling is that it’s the better movie of the two. I think it’s human nature that any […]
  2. Louis Vuitton Is Suing Warner Brothers Over The Hangover Part IIIsn’t it weird to think about the lives of people who spend all day, every day focusing on executing idiotic lawsuits like the one Louis […]
  3. best of 2011
    David Edelstein’s Favorite Performances From 2011And a few of his worsts, as well.
  4. Man Claims The Hangover Part II Was Based on His LifeMichael Alan Rubin is suing Warner Brothers, arguing that the plot of The Hangover Part II was stolen from a script he wrote about his 2007 […]
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    After Record-Breaking Year for Comedies, Studios Still Slash Comedy BudgetsWhich seems a little counterintuitive.
  6. No, Warner Bros. Won’t Be Digitally Altering Stu’s Face Tattoo in The […]Looks like they won’t have to digitally alter Stu’s face tattoo for the DVD release of The Hangover Part II: Warner Bros settled with tattoo […]
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    Hangover II Breaks Global Box-Office Record for Biggest R-Rated ComedyIt beat the record set by ‘The Hangover.’
  8. Ang Lee on His Son’s Performance in The Hangover Part II“My son’s performance was quite good. He is quite a serious actor but this is just a comedy.” - Ang Lee, whose son, Mason, played the […]
  9. Warner Bros. Will Alter Stu’s Tattoo In The Hangover Part II DVDs, So Help […] Warner Bros. is not having it, and if someone forces their hand, they will digitally alter Stu’s tribal ink to get around the Hangover II […]
  10. product placement
    Why a Baby-Seat Brand Wanted to Be in The Hangover Part II, and Budweiser Did NotThe C-word is fine for baby gear, but underage drinking is no good for a beer.
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    Watch Bradley Cooper Give a Bad Trip 2 Interview in Fluent FrenchThis is pretty endearing.
  12. The Hangover Part III Is a GoIt’s not too surprising, seeing as The Hangover Part II became the fastest-grossing live-action comedy ever over the weekend, but the wheels […]
  13. Let’s Talk About The Hangover Part II, Which Printed Money All Weekend Long It might not surprise you to hear that The Hangover Part II raked in $105.8 million over Memorial Day weekend, but considering how scathing […]
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    Movie Review: The Hangover Part II Is Darker, But the Joke’s On UsCan sex slavers pumping drugs into children and necrophiliacs be far away? They can’t be any creepier than Zach Galifianakis.
  15. The Sad Familiarity of The Hangover Part IIFrom front to back, The Hangover Part II is one big calculation. It seems to have run every single aspect of the first movie through a series […]
  16. party lines
    Party Lines: James Van Der Beek at a Screening of The Hangover Part IIWho cares about the bad reviews? It’s a party!
  17. The Hangover Part II Is Already Printing MoneyThe Hangover Part II officially opened last night at midnight, and the numbers for just those showings are already pretty nuts: $10.4 million. […]
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    From Elephants in Overalls to Monkeys in Denim: A Brief History of Movie Animal FashionHonoring great sartorial achievements by movie monkeys, dogs, and seals.
  19. The Hangover Part II Review Round-Up: Part II, The RauncheningThe reviews for The Hangover Part II are out, and boy, are they mixed. Apparently Hangover Part II stays pretty true to the original plot, and […]
  20. party chat
    Todd Phillips Has Something Very Different In Mind for The Hangover 3“My idea is serious. Deadly serious.”
  21. Stu’s Face Tattoo Will Not Delay The Release of The Hangover Part IIJust in case you thought there was a chance in dress-wearing-monkey hell this was going to go to happen, the Hangover Part II tattoo injunction […]
  22. Ken Jeong Talks about The Hangover Part 2 and His Wife, Makes You Cry into […]In addition to being hilarious in Community, Role Models and The Hangover, Ken Jeong has the admirable quality of being exactly as giddy and […]
  23. Zach Galifianakis Probably Hates YouZach Galifianakis’s Time article opens with the comedian living for two weeks in his Subaru on the streets of L.A. (later, he camped out in an […]
  24. The Hangover ‘Obviously’ Imagined As A Trilogy, Says Director Todd Phillips In case you were wondering how Hangover Part II is going to be distinct from the first, feel free to start wondering the same thing about […]
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    Last Night on Late Night: The Hangover Director Todd Phillips Has a Simple Trick to Force Zach Galifianakis Into CharacterPlus: Ryan Seacrest shares the somewhat sad secret inside his briefcase, on our regular late-night roundup.
  26. dashed dreams
    Bill Clinton Had High Hopes for the A-Team Movie FranchiseAccording to Bradley Cooper.
  27. Mike Tyson’s Face Tattoo Artist Suing to Stop The Hangover Part II From […]The guy who designed Mike Tyson’s face tattoo is suing Warner Brothers to stop distribution of The Hangover Part II because they totally […]
  28. homage
    What The Hangover Part II Owes to The GodfatherLet director Todd Phillips tell you.
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    No, the Hangover II Monkey Isn’t Addicted to Cigarettes“I can’t, however, comment on Ken Jeong’s cocaine use in the film,” jokes director Todd Phillips.
  30. Nick Cassavetes To Cameo In The Hangover Part II, Fight That Monkey For […]Deadline reports that director Nick Cassavetes will replace Liam Neeson in The Hangover Part II after a scheduling conflict prevented Neeson […]
  31. An Exhausted Todd Phillips Promising ‘Unbelievable’ R-Rated Surprises in […]Looks like watching a monkey chew on a fake wiener in the middle of a crowded bus is just a tiny hint of the R-rated goodness in The Hangover […]
  32. The Full Hangover Part II Trailer Fleshes Out Another Insane Night for the […] Here’s the first full trailer for The Hangover Part II. It looks to have the same structure as the original: starting in the morning, with our […]
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    See the Poster for The Hangover, Part IIIt really can’t be called a wolfpack anymore when it involves a monkey.
  34. Here’s the First Trailer For The Hangover Part II Here’s the first trailer for the imminent-moneymaker The Hangover Part II. Loving that golden retriever tee.
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    The Hangover Part II Trailer: The Wolf Pack Rides AgainSee the clip!
  36. Horrible Entertainment Tonight Goes On-Set with The Hangover Part II God, Entertainment Tonight. Watching even 90 seconds of this show makes me hate movies and the entire entertainment industry and feel like I […]