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The House Bunny

  1. the industry
    Ray Winstone and Robert De Niro: Practically the Same GuyPlus: Kevin Spacey, Ewan McGregor, and Jeff Bridges to stare at goats.
  2. apropos of nothing
    Anna Faris Wanted ‘The House Bunny’ to Be Waaaaaaaay DarkerDrug addict? Abusive father? Wha?
  3. apropos of nothing
    Success of ‘The House Bunny’ a Clear Mandate for Someone to Write a Non-Crappy Movie for Anna FarisIf people will pay to see her in ‘The House Bunny,’ just imagine how much they’d like her in a movie that isn’t terrible!
  4. ranters and ravers
    Can America’s Film Critics Make Anna Faris a Star?Wait, is she really as good as Lucille Freaking Ball?