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The Human Voice

  1. best of 2021
    The Best Movies of 2021Snapshots of moviegoing in the year in-person cinema returned with a vengeance.
  2. the unforgettable year
    A Year of Watching Movies About Being Stuck at Home (While Being Stuck at Home)COVID cinema arrived not long after the virus did — but what do we want from movies about a pandemic we’re all still experiencing?
  3. movie review
    Pedro Almodóvar’s English-Language Debut The Human Voice Is a Perfect Half-HourTilda Swinton wears gorgeous outfits and acts out in the Spanish director’s adaptation of the Jean Cocteau play.
  4. a long talk
    Almodóvar on The Human Voice, a Film Inspired by ‘Desperation’“I can’t see myself writing about a happy woman.”