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  1. last night on late night
    James Franco Painted Randall Park After Their Enchanting Interview KissThe resulting painting is not so enchanting.
  2. drama
    The Interview Is Still a Big Deal in North KoreaOh, had you forgotten about it?
  3. oh no they didn’t
    Surprise: North Korea Doesn’t Want Air-Dropped Interview DVDsIt would be war. Literally.
  4. video
    Watch Guy Fieri’s Deleted The Interview SceneNorth Korea wasn’t the movie’s only satirical target.
  5. randall park
    Randall Park on Seeing a Family Like His on TV“The chances of an Asian-American family sitcom making it to pilot was not in my realm of possibility.”
  6. ‘The Interview’ Will Make Its Netflix Debut on January 24thWhile the deal has been rumored since December, it’s now official: Seth Rogen and James Franco’s international conflict-sparking movie The […]
  7. ‘The Interview’ Has Made $31 Million from Online and VOD SalesIt’s been two weeks since the unprecedented box office and internet release of Seth Rogen and James Franco’s new film The Interview, and today […]
  8. tweet-a-long
    Best of James Franco and Seth Rogen’s Live Interview Tweet-a-Long“Perhaps the greatest testament to my acting is someone asked me if I actually shoved that missile in my ass.”
  9. weekend box office
    Hobbit Leads a Strong Holiday-Weekend Box OfficeAnd The Interview has a modest showing.
  10. copyright
    K-Pop Star Sues Sony Over Unauthorized Use of Her Music in The InterviewThis studio can’t catch a break.
  11. roll clip!
    Eminem Comes Out As ‘Gay’ in Sony’s The InterviewJust follow the “gay breadcrumb trail.”
  12. sony hack
    The Interview Made More Than $1 Million on Christmas DayIt’s better than nothing!
  13. movie review
    The Interview Is a Truly Savage Work of SatireEdelstein interviews Edelstein about the Rogen-Franco black comedy.
  14. soon to be streaming
    You Can Stream The Interview Right Now [Updated]On YouTube and other places.
  15. Report: ‘The Interview’ Is Coming to YouTube TomorrowAccording to a report by CNN Money, Sony is near a deal with Google to release The Interview as a rental on YouTube tomorrow, the same day […]
  16. sony hack
    Here’s Where You Can See The Interview on ChristmasIn case your Grandma wants to stick it to North Korea.
  17. Sony to Release ‘The Interview’ After AllSony has announced that it’s reversed its decision to not release The Interview, and instead will kick off a limited theatrical run on […]
  18. sony hack
    Sony Will Let The Interview Screen on ChristmasThanks, Obama.
  19. movies
    The Interview Is Beating Shawshank on IMDbIt’s all thanks to 4chan.
  20. sony hack
    Sony Says The Interview Will Get DistributedDon’t know how, don’t know when.
  21. sony hack
    Sony Execs Really Wish Obama Wouldn’t Have Called Them Out Like ThatCEO Michael Lynton says that it was not Sony’s decision to cancel The Interview.
  22. the interview
    3 Actors From The Interview on the Movie’s Cancellation“Well, I got my check! Although this will affect my residuals, unfortunately.”
  23. breaking
    Obama on Sony Hack: Pulling The Interview Was ‘a Mistake’“We cannot have a society where some dictator someplace can start imposing censorship on the United States.”
  24. How Do Americans Look in North Korean Films?Would you believe it’s unflattering?
  25. history
    The Complicated Tale of Chaplin’s Great DictatorUnlike The Interview, Chaplin was trying to make a social and political statement.
  26. breaking
    FBI Concludes North Korea Was Definitely Behind Sony HackIt’s official: “The North Korean government is responsible.”
  27. casualties of cyberwar
    The Story Behind Steve Carell’s North Korea FilmOne of the worst casualties of Interview-gate.
  28. movies
    Sony Hackers Say the Leaks Will Stop (for Now)The North Korea–linked hackers are pleased as punch The Interview got canceled.
  29. petitions
    Clooney Made a Petition to Support The Interview“We hope these hackers are brought to justice but until they are, we will not stand in fear.”
  30. sony hack
    How The Interview Got Made: A TimelineHow The Interview went from funny idea to geopolitical incident.
  31. the interview
    The 10 Moments in The Interview That Would’ve Most Upset North KoreaIt’s not just blowing up Kim Jong-un’s face.
  32. the interview
    George R. R. Martin Is Mad About The InterviewHe wrote about it on his LiveJournal. 
  33. vulture lists
    How Five World Leaders Reacted to Hollywood’s Unflattering Depictions Hitler, Saddam, Bush, Clinton.
  34. ‘The Interview’ Screenwriter Dan Sterling: ‘Comedians Shouldn’t Be Held […]“Comedians shouldn’t be held accountable for acts of violence – and those we satirize shouldn’t be silenced. Sarah Palin is hilarious, and I […]
  35. sony leak
    The Interview Scene That Started All of ThisIt’s online.
  36. art
    This Is How James Franco Is Hiding Out From North KoreaHanging out with Marina Abramovic, Lada Gaga, Klaus Biesenbach, and Courtney Love.
  37. sony hack
    Judd Apatow on Sony Canceling The Interview“In comedy, we attack people who are bad to other people.”
  38. movies
    The Sony Hack Might Have Killed a Certain Kind of SatireIf you’re worried about anything disappearing, worry about the desire to push something just a little farther for the sake of being funnier.
  39. Celebrities React to The Interview Cancellation“Sad day for creative expression.”
  40. breaking
    North Korea ‘Centrally Involved’ in Sony Hack, U.S. Government FindsThe Times says the cyberattack is “far more destructive than any seen before on American soil.”
  41. sony hack
    Sony Officially Cancels The Interview’s Theatrical ReleaseHackers had threatened violence for any theater that screened the film.
  42. All Five Top Theater Chains Drop ‘The Interview’It’s a sad day for comedy, free speech, and people who hate losing against terrorists. According to THR, all five major movie theater chains – […]
  43. sony hack
    Every Big Theater Chain Just Dropped The InterviewThe Sony hackers had threatened violence against any theater that showed the film.
  44. the frame
    Dan Sterling on Writing The Interview, Sony Hack“[I’m worried] that all this controversy and trouble will have a chilling effect.”
  45. sony hack
    The Interview’s New York Premiere Has Been CanceledIt was going to happen Thursday at the Sunshine Cinema.
  46. hacks
    Sony’s CEO Had Seth Rogen Soften the Gore in The InterviewSpoilers ahead.
  47. ‘SNL’ Review: James Franco Delivers in an Episode That Doesn’tLet’s face it: over the 40 years SNL has been on the air, the majority of its sketches have not made us laugh. For every “Cowbell,” there are a […]
  48. hackathon
    North Korea Denies It Was Behind the Sony Hack, But Is Super Pleased About ItIt was “a righteous act.”
  49. money matters
    Sony Hackers Leaked James Franco and Seth Rogen’s Interview PaydayAs well as Kevin Federline’s, for whatever reason.
  50. hacked
    Sony Confirms Document Leaks As Class-Action Antitrust Suits BoilThey’re having a terrible month.
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