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The Kid Mero

  1. last night on late night
    Desus Nice Talks About Being Fired by Showtime While Subbing for KimmelYerrr, you know what it is, a completely different show on late night.
  2. industry goss
    The Kid Mero Talks Split With Desus Nice … Diplomatically“It was a strategy and one that we all agreed on.”
  3. good one podcast
    Josh Gondelman Loved Helping Desus and Mero Be Desus & Mero“Seeing them set the bar has informed what kind of things are even possible to me.”
  4. a celebration of life
    The Brand Is Sad: 7 Standout Moments From Desus & MeroThe Bodega Boys may not be working together any longer, but we’ll always have the memories.
  5. end of an era
    Desus & Mero Is DoneThe Bodega Boys will be “pursuing separate creative endeavors moving forward.”
  6. bodega boys
    Michelle Yeoh Puts Desus and Mero (and Stuntmen) on NoticeShe will not hesitate to front-kick you.
  7. highs and bows
    Yo-Yo Ma Tells Desus and Mero That Cello Is His WeedAnd plays them hits by DMX, Britney Spears, and Sisqó.
  8. movies
    The 2020 Hollywood Black List Has Biopics, Beanie Babies, and a Harry Potter BotHere are the best unproduced movie scripts in Hollywood.
  9. late night tv
    Showtime Renews Desus & Mero for Season 3The late-night show’s second season will wrap in October.
  10. bodega hive
    Desus & Mero Is Back for a Second Season at Showtime“The greatest show ever in the history of entertainment is returning” on February 3.
  11. the brand is (double) strong
    We’re Getting Double the Desus & Mero This SummerStarting next week we’ll get two episodes instead of one.
  12. beefs
    A Recap of the Week the Kid Mero Mercilessly Dragged Tucker Carlson FansIn a three-day span, the Desus & Mero co-host hilariously picked fights on behalf of Chris Hayes.
  13. guides
    A Beginner’s Guide to the World of Desus & MeroAll the best jokes, nicknames, catchphrases, and references you’ll need to learn as a Desus & Mero newbie.
  14. winter tca 2019
    Desus & Mero’s Late-Night Warning: Don’t Come on Our Show to ‘Promote Something’“Everyone we have on the show is someone we rock with. We’re not having them on to amplify their message.”
  15. late night
    Showtime Orders Its First-Ever Late-Night Show, Hosted by Desus and MeroDesus and Mero are moving from Viceland to Showtime.
  16. encounter
    96 Minutes With Late Night’s Latest Hit Comedy DuoGetting to know Desus and Mero, Viceland’s insurgents.