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The King’s Speech

  1. theater
    The King’s Speech Play Was a FlopIt’s already closing.
  2. theater
    The King’s Speech Won’t Be Rushing to Broadway AnymoreGive it time.
  3. theater
    The King’s Speech Is Heading to BroadwayThat was fast.
  4. movies
    The PG-13 King’s Speech FlopsWhich was to be f—in’ expected.
  5. movies
    Tom Hooper Will Direct Les MisérablesStart your fantasy casting!
  6. movies
    PG-13 King’s Speech Will Bow April 1It will replace the original, R-rated version of the Best Picture winner.
  7. oscars 2011
    The Oscars: The Complete Winners ListCongrats to ‘The King’s Speech.’
  8. props
    Helena Bonham Carter, Awards Season MVP“On the whole I provide a service, because perfectionism is completely overrated.”
  9. clickables
    See Proof That The King’s Speech Was Filmed on a Gay-Porn SetIt kinda makes you wonder how Lionel Logue paid the bills before the stammering king came along.
  10. Your Box Office Explained: Liam Neeson Shows Alex Pettyfer How It’s Done’Unknown’ wins the weekend.
  11. clickables
    Enjoy a Classy Rap Recap of The King’s SpeechFancy.
  12. kudos
    Colin Firth, Helena Bonham Carter Win BAFTA AwardsBut Tom Hooper lost to David Fincher.
  13. party chat
    The Killer Schedule of Geoffrey Rush, Globe-Trotting Oscar NomineeGoing to events and doing eight shows a week of ‘Diary of a Madman,’ “you do fall asleep at parties.”
  14. scheduling
    Five Reasons We Wish the 2011 Oscars Had Happened in JanuarySurprises! Bad behavior! Christopher Nolan!
  15. talk
    Would a Best Picture Win for The King’s Speech Be a Blight on Oscar History?Would a win for ‘King’s Speech’ really be so bad? Or would we have another ‘Crash’ situation on our hands?
  16. movies
    The King’s Speech Has Harvey Weinstein SuperstitiousHe leaves the room when the film’s name is called.
  17. kudos
    Harvey Weinstein’s Five Talking Points to Guarantee a King’s Speech Oscar WinIncluding, “Let movie stars tell you whom to vote for.”
  18. bad ideas
    PG-13 King’s Speech Will Include Wacky BleepsOur reaction to this also requires some bleeps.
  19. kudos
    The King’s Speech, Boardwalk Empire Score SAG AwardsNow on to the Oscars.
  20. weekend box office
    Anthony Hopkins Beats Jason Statham at the Box OfficeNatalie Portman’s still on top.
  21. clickables
    Watch Real Footage of the King (George VI) Giving a SpeechIt gets rough around the two-minute mark.
  22. cheek by jowl
    The State of the Union vs. the Oscar Noms: How Different Were They?The two biggest things that happened yesterday go head-to-head.
  23. clickables
    See Small Children Act Out 2011’s Best Picture Nominees[Unintelligible Boston accents.]
  24. movies
    The King’s Speech Might Expand to More Theatres As a PG MovieAnd a new tagline: “Some things never go out of style: Friendship; Courage; Loyalty.”
  25. last night on late night
    Last Night on Late Night: Way Back When, David Letterman Said Nice Things About Jay LenoPlus, Joan Rivers’s expletive-filled review of ‘The King’s Speech,’ on our regular late-night roundup.
  26. weekend box office
    No Strings Attached Wins the Weekend’The Dilemma’ faces financial dilemmas.
  27. kudos
    Producer’s Guild Awards The King’s SpeechMaybe it’s a race, after all.
  28. weinsteins
    Weinsteins Suddenly Care More About Football Than AwardsWhat is going on!
  29. kudos
    King’s Speech Nominated for Fourteen BAFTAsAnd ‘Black Swan’ for twelve.
  30. your box office explained
    Your Box Office Explained: The Green Hornet Stings The Dilemma’Hornet’: The “highest-grossing opening ever for a live-action superhero comedy,” whatever that means.
  31. weekend box office
    Weekend Box Office: The Green Hornet Scores, The Dilemma DisappointsThough ‘The Dilemma’ still placed second.
  32. kudos
    The Social Network Wins Best Picture at Critics Choice AwardsNatalie Portman takes home a trophy, too.
  33. party chat
    Oscar Front-runner Colin Firth Gets Quiet for The King’s SpeechA lunch just for him, and word spreads that laryngitis has struck.
  34. kudos
    WGA Awards: ‘King’s Speech’ Not EligibleSorry, ‘The King’s Speech.’
  35. clickables
    Hear the Actual, Historical Speech From The King’s SpeechThe BBC has audio of the real George IV’s 1939 radio address.
  36. clickables
    See a New and Much-Improved King’s Speech PosterYou can even see Colin Firth’s pores.
  37. chat room
    Helena Bonham Carter on The King’s Speech and Tim Burton, ‘the Father of My Bastards’She doesn’t mind his shrunken-head collection, because she doesn’t know where he keeps it.
  38. feuds
    Weinsteins Fight Harsh Ratings for Blue Valentine and The King’s SpeechThey’ve brought on super-lawyer David Boies to fight the ratings board.
  39. party lines
    Famke Janssen at The King’s SpeechPlus: Michael Stuhlbarg!
  40. oscar futures
    Oscar Futures: James Franco Way UpWho’s up? Who’s down?
  41. oscar race 2011
    Oscar Futures: The King’s Speech CrownedWho’s up? Who’s down?
  42. trailer mix
    The King’s Speech Trailer: Is This Your Oscar Front-runner?’The Social Network’ gets its rival.
  43. toronto film festival
    King’s Speech Victorious At Toronto Film FestivalSolidifies standing as Oscar frontrunner.
  44. chat room
    Geoffrey Rush Gets Revenge on England“And this very old-school drama teacher went: ‘You common little colonial.’”
  45. the industry
    Larry Charles to Make NBC Even NerdierPlus: Old people singing and robots!