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The Kite Runner

  1. theater review
    On Broadway, The Kite Runner Barely Escapes the Printed PageSo much of the action is spelled out verbatim here that The Kite Runner is more of a vivid recitation than fully realized drama.
  2. apropos of nothing
    Which Awards-Bait Movies Are Actually Making Money?Answer: Hardly any!
  3. kudos
    Who Got Snubbed by the Golden Globes?Who saw their gold-plated dream crumble into dust this morning in the hands of Hayden Panetierre?
  4. chat room
    ‘The Kite Runner’ Author Khaled Hosseini on Piracy, Farsi, and Trying on a Burka“For this film to be in Farsi is a real coup.”
  5. apropos of nothing
    Paul Thomas Anderson’s Screenplay for ‘There Will Be Blood’ Leaked Online By Paramount!It’s true!