The Little Mermaid

Isn’t it neat?

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  1. comebacks
    Disney Rereleasing More Old Movies in 3-DOwing to the success of ‘The Lion King 3D.’
  2. clickables
    See The Little Mermaid Reinvented As a Snarky HipsterThe “Hipster Ariel” meme is taking off, and Buzzfeed’s got the best examples.
  3. party chat
    Director Joe Wright Hates Singing Mermaids, Loves to Screw With Ravers“I remember we really used to fuck with people’s heads, just when they were coming up on their happy pills,” says the ‘Hanna’ helmer.
  4. remakes
    Director Wants to Destroy Your Childhood Memories With Tragic, Live-Action Little MermaidIs nothing sacred!
  5. movies
    Watch a Short Film on How to Become a MermaidA handy guide from 1961.
  6. kudos
    The Tony Nominations: Who Was Snubbed?And what’s the “most forehead-slapping snub of them all”?
  7. kudos
    Tony Predictions: Song-and-Dance DivisionCan anyone beat Kelli O’Hara or Patti LuPone? No.
  8. the early-evening news
    Thinking of Going to See ‘The Little Mermaid’ on Broadway? Don’t!Plus: The Golden Globes go Bushless!
  9. news reel
    Doug Wright Promises Drag Queens, 10-Year-Olds Will Love ‘The Little Mermaid’The Disney show is going “swimmingly,” natch.