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The Magicians

  1. book review
    The Magician Resists the Shallow Gestures of the Hollywood BiopicColm Tóibín’s new novel about Thomas Mann reaches for depths in its subject that mainstream film wouldn’t bother with.
  2. explain yourselves
    The Magicians Knew That Shocking Death Would Upset Fans. Here’s Why They Did It.“We don’t want to say anyone is right or wrong for having strong feelings about any element of this. We sympathize with everybody.”
  3. close reads
    The Magicians’ Queliot Episode Is a Landmark Moment For Slash FandomThe Syfy fantasy drama embraced a queer relationship that viewers pined for, but don’t call it fan service.
  4. tv
    You and The Magicians Showrunner Sera Gamble Is Having One Hell of a SeasonTalking creepy stalkers, fantasy worlds, and why every show should have a hookup-slash-murder scoreboard.
  5. tv review
    I Quit Watching The Magicians and That Was a Huge MistakeNow in its fourth season, the Syfy fantasy drama is a weird, dark, totally unpredictable romp.
  6. The Magicians Recap: Is Anyone Watching?Unless this show transforms itself in a major way, it’ll remain lackluster.
  7. overnights
    The Magicians Recap: RIP, Cancer PuppyThings are about to get verrry interesting.
  8. overnights
    The Magicians Recap: Shake It OffThis is a hokey horror show about Millennials. And that’s a good thing.
  9. overnights
    The Magicians Recap: Physical KidsQuentin is still a monstrous whiner.
  10. overnights
    The Magicians Series Premiere Recap: The Mark of the BeastThe first episodes of Syfy’s adaptation wander far astray from Lev Grossman’s arch, explosive novel.
  11. trailer mix
    Watch the First Trailer for Syfy’s The MagiciansGet hooked.
  12. the industry
    Lev Grossman’s The Magicians Trilogy Is Becoming a Syfy SeriesSyfy will turn Lev Grossman’s trilogy to a series.
  13. Syfy’s Magicians Series Finds Its Quentin and AliceThey are Jason Ralph and Sosie Bacon, respectively. 
  14. influences
    Lev Grossman Explains His Cultural InfluencesOn the occasion of the final book’s release.
  15. adaptations
    SyFy Is Developing The Magicians for TVOkay!
  16. Conversation: Adam Sternbergh and Lev Grossman“I think there are moments in the history of a genre at which it sits up and looks at itself and as a result changes forever.”
  17. tv
    Lev Grossman’s The Magicians Headed to TVA one-hour drama about “20-somethings in New York who study magic and have access to a magical world.”