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The Masked Singer

  1. what about masks
    Demi Lovato Embraced the Dystopia of The Masked SingerAs “Anonymouse.”
  2. mask 4 mask
    Dick Van Dyke, Living Legend, Went on the Singing-Mascot Show“I would say it’s the weirdest thing I’ve ever done.”
  3. harp rights!
    Amber Riley, Queen of Winning Things, Collects the Masked Singer Infinity StoneAs the Harp, she beat out Wilson Phillips as the Lambs.
  4. vulture investigates
    Is Tom Brady MIA From the NFL Because of The Masked Singer? An InvestigationLet’s not forget that a pro footballer appearing on The Masked Singer isn’t a new thing.
  5. today in dystopia
    Rudy Giuliani Unmasked As Ungodly Human Jack-in-the-BoxPut it BACK in the box!
  6. mask off
    Okay, Which Masked Singer Is Rudy Giuliani?Vulture investigates.
  7. mask off
    The Latest Masked Singer Reveal Is … NFTs?Yeah, we’re just as confused as you are.
  8. nah
    Grimes to Co-Host a Singing Competition for Her Fellow Digital AvatarsIt looks like they stuffed a bunch of contestants in mo-cap suits and gave them access to a Sims customization screen.
  9. my single is dropping
    JoJo Reveals New Song ‘Creature of Habit’ After Being Revealed on Masked SingerAnd reveals a new blonde look and new music plans, too.
  10. mask off
    3 Hansons + 1 Russian Doll = Our New Masked Singer NightmareTwist it off! Twist it off!
  11. mask off
    Bobby Brown Discovered His Claustrophobia Live on The Masked SingerPlus, Rita Wilson can rap???
  12. reveals
    Oh, Masked Singer, You Really Did It This TimeThis one will get you.
  13. we’re far from the shallow now
    The Sick Minds at The Masked Singer Are At It AgainDon’t look the Russian dolls in the eye.
  14. who is that?
    Meanwhile, in the U.K., a Giant Sausage Just Won The Masked SingerThe Crown frankly wishes it was as British as Rita Ora giving the Masked Singer U.K. title to a giant dancing sausage.
  15. trailer mix
    The Masked Dancer Twirling to a TV Near You in New TrailerWith judges Ken Jeong, Brian Austin Green, Ashley Tisdale, and OG reality TV competition judge, Paula Abdul.
  16. vulture sports
    Lonzo Ball Voted Off The Masked Singer As Brother LaMelo Gets Drafted to the NBAWonder which son LaVar Ball is prouder of tonight.
  17. we’re in a simulation
    Wendy Williams’s Lips Are No Longer Sealed After Boot From The Masked SingerThe removal of Williams’s glittery Lips required the assistance of several crew members.
  18. mask up
    The Masked Dancer Is Still Actually HappeningAt least Paula Abdul is judging.
  19. coronavirus
    The NYC School That’s Hosting a Quarantine-Friendly Masked Singer“We have a lot of fun teachers who don’t care about embarrassing themselves a little bit. Or showing off a little bit.”
  20. roll clip!
    How Is Sarah Palin Rapping ‘Baby Got Back’ Not the Craziest Thing Going On?Another nightmare courtesy of The Masked Singer.
  21. vulture investigates
    Who Are the Thirsty Celebrities on The Masked Singer Season 3?Our extremely confident predictions.
  22. reality tv
    The Horrors of The Masked Singer Are Coming to a City Near YouYour favorite reality-TV nightmare has announced a nationwide tour.
  23. genius
    Fox Announces New Singing Competition Series I Can See Your Voice With Ken JeongA singing competition in which the judge is the one who gets judged.
  24. tv ratings
    23 Million People Watched a Celebrity Pretend to Be a Robot on The Masked SingerThe Super Bowl bet paid off with a massive (if expected) ratings boost for the camp-tacular reality show.
  25. rip egg
    Fox Announces Another Mystery Singing Show, Which Is Apparently Now a GenrePlease, no more eggs.
  26. reality tv
    Fox Announces The Masked Dancer, a Different But Similar Fever DreamInspired by a segment on The Ellen Show.
  27. reality tv
    Masked Singer Season 3 First Look: A Banana, Mouse, and Robot Walk Into a Bar …New costumes, new celebrities.
  28. legends
    Patti LaBelle Was ‘Hot As Hell’ in Masked Singer Costume But Dammit, She Went OnNot all heroes wear capes. Some wear masks.
  29. reality tv
    Who Are the Thirsty Celebs on The Masked Singer Season 2?Our very best guesses.
  30. the fur trade
    Is The Masked Singer Furry Crossover Culture? We Asked an Expert.The husky behind Dogpatch Press sniffs out this season’s contestants, and weighs in on whether the show is courting a furry audience.
  31. gone too soon
    Egg Was Too Pure for This Terrible WorldWe will miss Egg so, so much.
  32. tv review
    How Is The Masked Singer Real?The Masked Singer is pure escapism, but you might think you’re losing your mind.
  33. egg
    The Masked Singer’s Costume Designer Breaks Down All 16 Egg-cellent New Looks“The talent just wanted to be an egg, and of course, I don’t know what that means.”
  34. the abyss stares back
    The Masked Singer Will Give Us Nightmares for Another SeasonBegone, demons.
  35. reality tv
    The Masked Singer Introduces Even More Deranged New ContestantsGaze upon Asparagus, Tree, and Panda!
  36. egg
    Stare Deeply Into the Eyes of Masked Singer Season Two Contestant … Egg!Egg!
  37. reality tv
    The Masked Singer Season Two First Look: A Flamingo! An Egg! A Skeleton!Yes, an egg.
  38. reality tv
    Who Are the Thirsty Celebs on The Masked Singer? An InvestigationThe Monster is definitely T-Pain.
  39. vulture lists
    Which Celebrities Should Be in The Masked Singer’s Next Season?From David Hasselhoff to Kirstie Alley, our ten dream picks for the next round of celebrity wannabe-singers.
  40. season renewals
    The Masked Singer Gets a Second Season to Showcase More Thirsty CelebsThe guessing games will continue.
  41. reality tv
    How The Masked Singer Can Become a Better Version of ItselfFox made some bad choices in adapting this South Korean concept for American TV. But the wonderfully weird singing competition can still be saved.
  42. tv review
    The Masked Singer Is a Reality-TV Fever DreamIt’s a warped, through-the-looking-glass vision of a singing competition. And it’s pretty entertaining.
  43. tv orders
    Fox’s Need for a Singing Competition Show Has Led to The Masked SingerThe show originated in Korea and was remade across Asia.