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  1. the view
    Bari Weiss Is One of The View’s Potential Meghan McCain ReplacementsCursed switcheroo.
  2. hot pod
    L’Affaire CaliphateWhat went wrong at the New York Times?
  3. the media
    So Here’s What Happened During Trump’s 60 Minutes InterviewIncluding Lesley Stahl’s statement that he called “vicious.”
  4. the industry
    Podcasts Are Always the Next Big ThingA 16-year timeline of news stories that are really excited about podcasts.
  5. a star is born
    How the Media Would Have Covered the Events of A Star Is BornJackson Maine and Ally, seen through the eyes of BuzzFeed, TMZ, and yes, Vulture.
  6. the mooch goes hollywood
    Anthony Scaramucci Has Hired the Publicist Who Represented Monica LewinskyThe Mooch has joined forces with a crisis-communications specialist.
  7. last night on late night
    Jon Stewart Advises the Media How to Break Up With Bad Boyfriend Donald Trump“It’s time to get your groove back.”
  8. the media
    60 Minutes, SNL, and the Normalization of Donald TrumpThis is what the mainstream media does.
  9. the media
    Flea Responds to Fox News Host’s RHCP Attacks“It’s clearly a funny program.”
  10. the media
    How the Media Forced Mad Men Down the World’s ThroatHow does one measure the impact of a show whose most fervent fans are the people paid to talk about it?