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  1. the more you know
    Sandra Bullock’s Apparently Legendary College Years Are Getting an Amazon ShowShe must have been a wild one!
  2. 15 Things You Learn While Hanging Out With Armie HammerHe’s got all sort of stories, involving extravagant bets, Batman, and Russian spies.
  3. the more you know
    Charlie Puth Fought His Ass Off to Be in That Popular Furious 7 SongHe “wasn’t cool enough.”
  4. the more you know
    Val Kilmer Has a Shady Take on Johnny Depp, and More Great Bits From His AMASomeone’s been sitting beneath the shade tree …
  5. the more you know
    28 Things You Learn While Hanging Out With Tom Hiddleston“At a party I’ll be the first person on the dance floor and the last sweaty mess at the end of the night. I don’t even think I can dance particularly well.”
  6. the more you know
    A Closer Look at Gil Ozeri’s Hilarious SnapchatWait for it…
  7. the more you know
    What Band Did Chris Pratt Dance to in Guardians?“Come and Get Your Love” — and come and get your info about Redbone.
  8. the more you know
    12 Crazy James Brown Moments You Won’t See in Get on UpNo, his performance in Miami Vice is not in Get On Up.
  9. Ron Swanson Records a Bacon Shortage PSA (and May Be the Reason for the […] Meat lover Ron Swanson filmed this “The More You Know” PSA to address the bacon shortage that’s affecting this fine country of ours. Swanson […]
  10. the more you know
    Lone Star Creator Kyle Killen Gets ScatologicalBy telling a story about pooping his pants.