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The Mountain

  1. chat room
    Jeff Goldblum Is Still Trying to Figure Out What His Lobotomy Movie MeansIn Rick Alverson’s The Mountain, Goldblum plays a traveling lobotomy surgeon. “I’m still trying to excavate from him what the heck it’s about.”
  2. fan theories
    Game of Thrones Finally Gave Fans the ‘Cleganebowl.’ Was It Worth the Wait?Not every fan wanted to see the Hound fight the Mountain.
  3. sundance 2019
    Jeff Goldblum Almost Knows How to Perform a LobotomyBut we don’t think anyone would want him to.
  4. roll clip!
    See GoT’s H. Björnsson Throw a Washing MachineFar away from Westeros, Björnsson competed for a Guinness World Record in Italy.
  5. revisionist history
    See a Video That ‘Fixes’ the Game of Thrones FightSimply the best. 
  6. explainer
    Game of Thrones: Who Is the Mountain?The character has been played by three different actors.
  7. movies
    The Reality Bites Reunion That’s NotA horror movie based on an Edith Wharton novel. Paging Winona Ryder!
  8. the industry
    Vin Diesel Is Getting ‘Riddick’-ulousAh, the last week in August, a magical time of year when we publish the hopeful ramblings of actors, musicians, and homeless crazy people in lieu of actual news.