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The Muppet Movie

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    20 Disney+ Movies Worth RevisitingDeep cuts and vintage gems from the kid-friendly streaming service.
  2. 20 Great Muppet Movie Celebrity CameosHulk Hogan, Richard Pryor, Dave Grohl, and more.
  3. Watching as The Muppets Go Hollywood For the First TimeThe Paley Center for Media, which has locations in both New York and LA, dedicates itself to the preservation of television and radio history. […]
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    Watch Miss Piggy and Kermit Trash Fox NewsNote to Roger Ailes: Don’t f*ck with felt.
  5. nostalgia fact-check
    Nostalgia Fact-Check: How Do the Classic Muppet Movies Hold Up?Do The Muppet Movie, The Great Muppet Caper, and The Muppets Take Manhattan stand the test of time?