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    Theater Review: Waitress, Sweet and SassyWhat’ll it be?
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    8 Ways Heathers Musical Is Different From FilmWell f*ck me gently with a chainsaw, did they seriously change that?
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    Theater Review: What’s Your Damage, Heathers: The Musical?Why see this? Because you’re an idiot.
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    Hugh Jackman Sings a Wolverine-ized Les Miz Score2-4-6-0-Bub.
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    Matt Smith Will Star in American Psycho MusicalWow.
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    Theater Review: Motown: The MusicalThe worst jukebox (with the best tunes) I’ve ever encountered.
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    Theater Review: A Christmas Story — The Musical Is a True GiftThe charming musical adaptation honors everyone’s holiday staple. And yes, there’s a number called “You’ll Put Your Eye Out.”
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    Scott Brown: In Praise of the Broadway ShysterThe truly weird Rebecca collapse makes our theater critic feel all warm inside.
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    Ghost: The Musical Will Close in AugustYou in danger, musical.
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    Ghost: The Musical: Stagework From the AfterlifeAnd no potter’s wheel: Sorry, purists!
  11. Theater Review: Bonnie and Clyde: The MusicalFrank “Jekyll and Hyde” Wildhorn turns to crime.