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  1. instagramatic
    Riz Ahmed Writes a Touching Post Reflecting on His Breakout Year on Instagram “I wasn’t sure I could carry on doing this.”
  2. close reads
    Why Chandra on The Night Of Deserved Way BetterChandra on The Night Of was a victim of poor character development.
  3. the stars they’re just like us
    Chastain, Banks Are Mad About The Night Of“I was literally yelling NO at my tv every time she did something stupid.”
  4. How Accurate Was The Night Of? Two Legal Experts ExplainHelen leaning on the witness stand is a big no-no.
  5. tv ratings
    The Night Of Finale Drew the Show’s Best Ratings YetCounting all platforms, The Night Of is actually drawing a weekly audience of seven million viewers.
  6. tv review
    The Night Of Didn’t Live Up to Its Best MomentsThe show did extraordinarily difficult things with confidence and grace while neglecting basics.
  7. overnights
    The Night Of Finale Recap: Beyond a Reasonable DoubtAnd the verdict is …
  8. let us discuss
    Let’s Discuss The Night Of Finale, ‘Call of the Wild’And the verdict is …
  9. theories
    Before The Night Of Finale, Let’s Consider the Murder SuspectsAll we’re saying is: Don’t rule out the cat.
  10. chat room
    Night Of’s Payman Maadi on Iran’s Film Censors“I know how to write movies that don’t have any conflict with the system.”
  11. All the Dumb Things Naz Does in The Night Of (So Far)Dear sweet, merciful Jesus.
  12. overnights
    The Night Of Recap: Trial and ErrorNaz is no longer an innocent.
  13. close reads
    Where The Night Of Goes Wrong on Race and Criminal JusticeIn the universe writers Richard Price and Steven Zaillian have created, the chief agents of Islamophobia are black men. 
  14. overnights
    The Night Of Recap: John Stone’s MiracleOur long national eczema nightmare is over!
  15. overnights
    The Night Of Recap: Stay of Execution“The Season of the Witch” demonstrates what The Night Of can do at its very best.
  16. ask an expert
    John Turturro’s Feet on Night Of: An Assessment“We use higher-tech treatment than Crisco on the Upper East Side of New York, anyway.”
  17. close reads
    What Criminal Justice Tells Us About The Night Of and NazThe British series that inspired HBO’s procedural may provide some clues about what will ultimately happen to Naz.
  18. overnights
    The Night Of Recap: The Plea Deal“You wanna play roulette? Go to Atlantic City where the odds are better.”
  19. tca 2016
    HBO’s Limited Series The Night Of Might Get a Second SeasonNot so limited after all, eh?
  20. tca 2016
    Women on TV Were a Heated Topic at HBO’s TCA Exec Session“I would hope the violence is not intentionally against women.”
  21. overnights
    The Night Of Recap: Ugly Cats in Small Cages“A Dark Crate” feels overstuffed at times, but it also has moments of wonderful restraint.
  22. overnights
    The Night Of Recap: Right Place, Right TimeLike The Wire before it, The Night Of doesn’t gussy up the criminal-justice system.
  23. close reads
    The Night Of: The Scene That Changes EverythingWe like stories about crimes that get resolutions because they allow us to vicariously experience social disorder and a return to status quo.
  24. chat room
    Riz Ahmed on Diversity on TV in U.S. vs. U.K.“It’s interesting to me that both societies are in denial of their reality.”
  25. overnights
    The Night Of Recap: A Twist of the KnifeThe Night Of wants us to marinate in the horror of the criminal-justice system.
  26. tv review
    HBO’s The Night Of Unfolds Like a Fat Crime NovelIt’s the longest, bleakest Law & Order episode ever. 
  27. trailer mix
    Watch the Trailer for HBO’s The Night OfOmar’s coming.