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    Page in Christmas Carol Adaptation Deftly Pays Homage to Comics MasterIt blows up our concept of time, all while making thematic sense.
  2. the panelist
    This Comics Page Is a Master Class on Empathy and StructureIt teaches us about layouts and trauma, all at once.
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    This Batman Page Brilliantly Dissects How We Perceive Time in ComicsIt uses a simple grid, some punches, and some numbers to challenge how we think about speed and rhythm in comics.
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    Inside One of 2016’s Most Effective Comic PanelsIt’s from the benefit comic Love Is Love.
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    Gerard Way’s Doom Patrol Includes a Mind-Bending HomageIt’s a throwback to Grant Morrison’s run, in more ways than one.
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    The Most Gruesome Comics Panel You’ll See This Week Is in Marvel’s KarnakThe book’s artists Roland Boschi and Dan Brown really went for it in issue No. 5.
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    All-Star Batman Gives the Dark Knight Ear-KnivesIt’s a brilliantly violent bit of ingenuity on writer Scott Snyder’s part.