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The People V. O.j.

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    Denise Brown Is Developing a True-Crime Series For NBC News’s Peacock Productions.
  2. the people v. o.j.
    Do Not Criticize Marcia Clark in Front of Sarah Paulson“He said something similar to Sterling K. Brown, who plays Chris Darden, and we both were like, ‘Motherf—er, get out of my face.’”
  3. the people v. o.j.
    PVOJ’s Nina Jacobson on Casting Chris Darden“There were a lot of black dudes who were like: ‘No way — I’m not playin’ that guy. I hate him.’”
  4. wigs
    The People v. O.J.’s ‘World’s Tiniest Wig’So many eyebrow wigs.
  5. Marcia Clark: What PVOJ Ep. 6 Got Right & Wrong“To the extent that the judge treats you like an idiot, the jury says, She’s an idiot. And he treated me like a second-class citizen.”
  6. Fact-checking Episode 3 of The People v. O.J. Simpson“Any criminal lawyer worth his salt anywhere in the United States in 1994 was already dealing with DNA evidence.”