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The Princess Switch

  1. emergency discussion
    A Few Serious Questions About The Princess Switch 3: Romancing the StarWhat is atonement, and why does it mainly involve other people pretending to be blonde like you?
  2. ‘tis the season
    Three Vanessa Hudgenses Will Return for the Princess Switch Three-quelPrincess Switch 3: Romancing the Star arrives on Netflix on November 18.
  3. fa la la la what
    Oh No, There Are 82 New Christmas Movies This YearYour definitive guide to 2020’s absolute deluge of made-for-TV holiday fare, on Netflix, Hallmark, Lifetime, and more.
  4. what is the self
    The Princess Switch: Switched Again: Make It Make SenseWe discuss Netflix’s latest Christmas Vanessa Hudgens movie, a taut psychological thriller that explores disturbing ideas about identity and the self.
  5. trailer mix
    The Princess Switch 2 Trailer: 3 Vanessas Hudgens and a Partridge in a Pear TreeHoliday high jinks ensue November 19 on Netflix.
  6. beef
    Why Does Netflix Hate Chicago?Holidate, Emily in Paris, and The Princess Switch all make the city seem like a mall-clogged wasteland of Cubs bars and hats that read “Chicago.”
  7. burning questions
    A Serious Conversation About The Knight Before ChristmasDoes Vanessa Hudgens’s latest Netflix Christmas movie take place in the same cinematic universe as The Princess Switch? Why does she have five coats?
  8. required sequels
    The Princess Switch Is Getting a Sequel, and One More Vanessa HudgensThere are now three lookalikes.
  9. christmas by netflix
    Vanessa Hudgens Is Making Another Netflix Christmas MovieNo word on whether she plays two characters in this one.
  10. chat room
    Vanessa Hudgens Knew About Second Act’s Big Twist in AdvanceShe also can’t explain her Princess Switch hat.
  11. christmas movies
    Which Netflix Christmas Movie Is the Most Christmassy of Them All?We’ve put The Christmas Chronicles, The Princess Switch, and more up to a Christmas Movie Cliché Checklist to see which one reigns supreme.
  12. christmas movies
    Everything The Princess Switch Taught Me About ChicagoForget Belgravia and Montenaro, Chicago is the real star of this film.