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  1. sexual assault
    Second Woman Accuses The Proposal Contestant of Misconduct“I was definitely not able to consent to what I was doing,”
  2. sexual assault
    The Proposal Episode Pulled After Contestant Is Accused of Enabling Date RapeMichael J. Friday allegedly set up a Wisconsin woman to be drugged and assaulted by two other men.
  3. close reads
    Please Love Yourself Enough to Ignore The Proposal I promise you it’s not worth watching ABC’s new reality show.
  4. the industry
    Roundup: Malcolm Gladwell, Mark Wahlberg Sell Spy Drama To HBOPlus: Sandra Bullock re-ups with the director of The Proposal
  5. deja vu
    Bullock/Reynolds Reteam for The Proposal 2-ishIn that they play a criminal and a cop, not a boss and employee.
  6. the industry
    Disney’s New Movie Merch PlanThe studio is acting fast on plans to greenlight only blockbusters and cheap films with on-the-cusp stars.
  7. Sandra Bullock’s 2009: The Smart Game Plan for Future Oscar-Hungry Comic ActorsThe key to her Oscar buzz for ‘The Blind Side’: not messing with the Bullock formula too much.
  8. quote machine
    Christian Bale Is Not Too Good for the Terminator Franchise, ThankyouverymuchPlus: Paris Hilton continues to be misunderstood.
  9. tats
    Can We Talk About Sandra Bullock’s Back Tattoo in The Proposal for a Second?What has become of America’s (Former) Sweetheart?
  10. the industry
    Hollywood Plans Sims Movie; Jean Baudrillard: ‘I Told You So’