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The Purge Season 1

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    The Purge Finale Recap: New Day RisingThe USA series’ first season arrives at a satisfying, if not that surprising, conclusion that feels more alarmingly timely than ever.
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    The Purge Recap: Judge, Jury, and ExecutionerThe series unites its main characters in an unexpected fashion as a Purger takes a litigious turn.
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    The Purge Recap: Hey JoeA flashback reveals Lila’s backstory and a last-scene twist takes the series in an unexpected direction.
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    The Purge Recap: Nothing Left to SayJane comes to a decision about David while Rick and Jenna have a heated discussion with their creepy neighbor.
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    The Purge Recap: The Man Behind the MaskThe creepy masked killer isn’t who he seems to be.
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    The Purge Recap: Revolutions and RevelationsA late twist resets Rick and Jenna’s storyline while, elsewhere, Miguel and Penelope come close to reuniting.
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    The Purge Recap: Dark CarnivalPenelope finds herself in a terrifying circus as Jane hits the streets trying to call back an assassination.
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    The Purge Recap: Murder, Inc.Rick and Jenna make a deal they might come to regret as Miguel’s search for Penelope intensifies.
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    The Purge Recap: Street Fighting ManPurge Night kicks off with some revelations about Jane’s past and some complications for Miguel.
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    The Purge Premiere Recap: Welcome to ViolenceThe dystopian horror series moves to the small screen with a premiere episode following a handful of characters trying to make it through the night.