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The Right Stuff

  1. finding heavenly light
    ‘It’s Probably the Longest Movie Ever Made Without a Plot’Philip Kaufman on the film fibs, demons, and labia that made The Right Stuff just right.
  2. cancellations
    The Right Stuff Grounded After One Season on Disney+Warner Bros. Television is reportedly searching the galaxy for a new home for the series.
  3. tv review
    The Right Stuff Has the Halfway Decent StuffDisney+ and Nat Geo’s glossy new series is a traditionally presented space drama that chips away at our traditional notions about the space program.
  4. star wars
    Rian Johnson Tweets a Response to Star Wars News“Dear Lord …”
  5. movies
    National Film Registry Adds Pulp Fiction, Mary Poppins, and MoreWhat do they call a Quarter Pounder With Cheese in the Library of Congress?
  6. across the streaming-verse
    What to Stream This Weekend on Netflix and Hulu: Gravity EditionThe Right Stuff, Event Horizon, Into the Universe With Stephen Hawking, and the original Solaris.