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The Rockford Files

  1. casting
    Vince Vaughn to Open The Rockford FilesUniversal is developing it as a star vehicle.
  2. remakes
    Three Lessons Learned From Failed TV RemakesProducers of the ‘Dallas’ revival, take note.
  3. what’s up next
    Reboots, Rom-Coms, and the Hulk: Meet the Shows in Development for 2011There’s a ‘Hulk’ remake, some ‘Mad Men’ homages, kung fu cops, and many, many gay character.
  4. the industry
    What Went Wrong With the Rockford Files RebootIf it weren’t for producer Steve Carell, NBC would have trashed it days ago.
  5. the industry
    Spielberg Trying to Helm HelmPlus: Ron Howard! Diane Keaton! Jeremy Renner!