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The Romanoffs Season 1

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    The Romanoffs Finale Recap: Strangers on a TrainThe Romanoffs’ first season concludes with an expansive episode that illustrates both the promise and peril of the series’ expansive scope.
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    The Romanoffs Recap: Baby BluesA queasy excursion to a Russian orphanage, anchored by excellent performances from Kathryn Hahn and Jay R. Ferguson, makes for a season highlight.
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    The Romanoffs Recap: Piano ManDiane Lane, Ron Livingston, and Andrew Rannells navigate a tricky story about false accusations and condemnation that ends up falling flat.
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    The Romanoffs Recap: Pregnant PauseAmanda Peet and John Slattery co-star in the story of a woman who can’t settle down — and has a secret she doesn’t want to share.
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    The Romanoffs Recap: Austrian Horror StoryThe series takes a turn for the horrific in a self-reflexive episode set during the production of a TV show about the Romanoffs.
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    The Romanoffs Recap: Mocking a MurdererJury duty and a strange cruise lead to some dark comedy as the anthology series starts to take shape in its second episode.
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    The Romanoffs Premiere Recap: The Royal OuiMatthew Weiner makes his return to TV with an anthology series following the descendants, real or otherwise, of Russia’s royal family.