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The Silence Of The Lambs

  1. vulture lists
    Every Jodie Foster Movie, RankedWhere does The Mauritanian fall in the Jodie Foster canon?
  2. tv review
    Hello, Clarice. Good-bye, Clarice.The CBS series’s attempt to put Clarice Starling at the center of a narrative doesn’t rise to the intelligence and complexity of the woman herself.
  3. trailer mix
    Sounds Like the Lambs Are Getting Their Second Wind in CBS’s Clarice TrailerHot damn, Clarice.
  4. role call
    Brooke Smith Answers Every Question We Have About The Silence of the Lambs“I know I’ll forever be the girl in the pit. For sure. And I’m okay with that.”
  5. reel estate
    Buffalo Bill’s House Is for Sale, If You and Your Precious Are Looking to MoveRoomy.
  6. Horror Movies Are Now, Officially, Preferable to Real LifeWe’ve reached the horror-movie Singularity.