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  1. awards season
    The 2023 Oscars Slap CountWhat’s your over-under on Slap mentions?
  2. stand-up
    Of Course Chris Rock Saved Some Selective Outrage for Will SmithHere’s what he had to say about the Oscars slap and the “entanglement” during his live Netflix special.
  3. on the record
    Will Smith Is Very Sorry About the Oscars SlapBut he’s finally ready to give an awards acceptance speech in person again.
  4. the slap part 5238
    Eddie Murphy Brings Oscars Slap to the Golden GlobesIn his acceptance speech for the Cecil B. DeMille Award.
  5. method acting
    Will Smith Says Ben Foster Lived in a Tent While Filming EmancipationGoing full Method for Emancipation is certainly a choice.
  6. trailer mix
    Will Smith Returns Sooner Than Expected With Emancipation TrailerThe actor’s first post-slap project hits theaters December 2.
  7. job offers
    Chris Rock Says He Was Asked to Host the 2023 Oscars But RefusedHe also compared the Will Smith slap to, uh, the murder of O.J. Simpson’s ex-wife?
  8. the slap
    Will Smith Apologizes to Chris Rock and Questlove for the Slap“I made a mistake, and I’m trying not to think of myself as a piece of sh-t.”
  9. double headers
    Dave Chappelle and Chris Rock Are Co-Headlining a London ShowAlert the Queen’s Guard!
  10. some healing needs to be done
    Jada Pinkett Smith Brings the Slap to the Red Table“Now about Oscars night …”
  11. oscars 2022
    Parents React to the SlapRichard Williams stated he doesn’t condone violence, and Will Smith’s mother, Carolyn, said it was “the first time I’ve ever seen him go off.”
  12. the slap
    Several Will Smith Projects Allegedly ‘on Hold’ Post-Oscars SlapNational Geographic put Will Smith’s show Pole to Pole on pause until the fall.
  13. the slap
    The Oscars Slaps Will Smith With a 10-Year BanHe remains eligible for nominations and wins.
  14. grammys 2022
    Grammys 2022: How Many Slap Jokes Did We Get?The Slap content started before the award show.
  15. snl
    Jerrod Carmichael Refuses to Talk About ‘It’ in SNL Monologue“Doesn’t it feel like it happened when we were all in high school?”
  16. welp
    Academy Says It ‘Will Take a Few Weeks’ to Investigate the SlapWill Smith reportedly met with the Academy’s president and CEO to apologize before disciplinary procedures began.
  17. oscars 2022
    Will Smith Resigns From Academy Membership After Oscars Slap“I want to put the focus back on those who deserve attention for their achievements,” he said in a new statement.
  18. the slap
    Oscars Producer Will Packer Says Police Offered to Arrest Will Smith“I just remember thinking, Oh no, oh no, not like this.
  19. the slap
    Chris Rock Addresses the Slap at Boston ShowsRock briefly addressed the weekend before getting into his prepared material.
  20. oscars 2022
    Where’s Chris Rock?The other man of the hour began his Ego Death tour on March 30.
  21. the slap
    What Red-Carpet Photo Will Zoë Kravitz Use to Respond to Twitter Commotion?The internet is internetting.
  22. celebs react
    Hollywood Reacts to the SlapDenzel Washington addressed the slap and elaborated on his advice to Will Smith that night.
  23. apologies
    Will Smith Apologizes to Chris Rock and ‘Everyone Watching’ for the Oscars Slap“This is a season for healing and I’m here for it,” Jada Pinkett Smith added on Instagram.
  24. last night on late night
    Questlove Was in a Meditative State During the SlapWhen he accepted his Oscar moments later, he “really wasn’t aware” of what had happened.
  25. oscars 2022
    How CODA Won Best PictureAll season long, Sian Heder’s movie was overshadowed by bigger, starrier contenders. But none of that mattered come final voting.
  26. the movies
    The Oscars Are Just a Work EventWith grudges, professional pretenses, and a lot of big talk about how important a flawed industry is.
  27. fight night
    Just Bitch-Slap the Whole AcademyThe Oscars finally got the show it deserved.
  28. chastainiacs
    This Is Not a Picture of Nicole Kidman Reacting to the SlapSo what was she gasping over? The answer may surprise you.
  29. oscars 2022
    What I Saw Inside the Room When Will Smith Slapped Chris Rock“This is the most unhinged evening of our lives.”
  30. oscars 2022
    Will Smith Apologizes to the Academy in Best Actor Acceptance Speech“I hope the Academy invites me back.”
  31. the slap
    The Rum Tum Tugger Got in a CatfightFor he will do as he do do.
  32. extreme thirst
    So You Want Gong Yoo to Slap You. Now What?A brief guide to watching Gong Yoo in things that aren’t just Squid Game Slapping Scene Fan Edits.
  33. the slap
    Anyway, Here’s Glenn Close Repeatedly Slapping a MentalistIt somehow helps Derren Brown count!
  34. slaps in the face
    Here Is the Slap From The SlapWarning: Contains slap.
  35. bad parents
    In The Slap, Kids Are Just Satellites, Orbiting Adults Behaving BadlyThese are people with messy lives; kids are just another smudge.
  36. tv review
    TV Review: The Slap Is Not Quite a HitWhat is the sound of one hand slapping?
  37. cast interview
    The Slap’s All-Star Cast on Smacking a ChildConsensus: It’s not okay.
  38. director’s chair
    Lisa Cholodenko Will Direct NBC’s The SlapAn upcoming eight-episode miniseries.
  39. pilots 2014
    Emerald City and The Slap Are Coming to NBCAnd maybe a Katherine Heigl CIA drama.