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  1. chat room
    Drea de Matteo on Sons of Anarchy and Joey“I want to keep going!”
  2. mysteries solved!
    David Chase Kind of Said Tony Soprano Didn’t DieCASE CLOSED.
  3. all records must die
    Game of Thrones Is Now HBO’s Most Watched Show EverSorry, The Sopranos!
  4. emmys 2013
    Watch Edie Falco’s Tearful Emmy Tribute to James GandolfiniLike all the other many tributes at this year’s Emmy Awards, this too is sad.
  5. tv
    Seitz: Is There Any Satisfying Way to End a Modern Drama?Call it conclusion impossible.
  6. farewells
    Photos: Celebrity Mourners at James Gandolfini’s FuneralThe Sopranos cast pays their last respects.
  7. farewells
    Publicly Mourning a Private Man: Seitz on the Funeral of James GandolfiniFunerals are for the living. James Gandolfini’s was beautiful and wrenching and right.
  8. eulogies
    Read David Chase’s Eulogy for James Gandolfini“I tried to write a traditional eulogy, but it came out like bad TV.”
  9. tributes
    Tony Soprano, TV’s Saddest ManJames Gandolfini didn’t just make Tony fascinating. He made Tony deeply, fully sad.
  10. way back when
    Read a 1988 New York Times Story Featuring a Young ‘Jim Gandolfini’“His wanderer’s existence has given him sojourns, some as brief as two months … “
  11. obits
    Seitz on James Gandolfini, 1961-2013: A Great Actor, A Better ManJames Gandolfini was real. He was special. You could feel it.
  12. tributes
    Watch James Gandolfini’s Episode of Inside the Actor’s StudioFrom 2004.
  13. breaking news
    Sopranos Star James Gandolfini Dead at 51 [Update]He was vacationing in Italy with his family.
  14. party chat
    David Chase Stopped Watching TV When He Discovered DrinkingAlso, he almost ran over Rod Serling when he was 22.
  15. vulture lists
    The 13 Rules for Creating a Prestige TV DramaStep 1: Start with an anti-hero.
  16. upfronts 2013
    Seitz: How to Direct a TV DramaMy auteurist theory of television.
  17. chat room
    David Chase on Not Fade Away, Avoiding Thrillers, and His TV DietHe watches only two shows.
  18. in the picture
    What TV Showrunners’ Cameos Say About Their ShowsDan Harmon on Community, Matt Groening in Futurama, Carl Reiner on The Dick Van Dyke Show, and more.
  19. seitz asks
    Seitz Asks: HBO Is Forty. What Are Its Greatest Shows, Movies, and Specials?Upon its 40th anniversary, our TV critic looks back at the cable network’s greatest achievements.
  20. trailer mix
    Watch the Trailer for Not Fade AwayDavid Chase, James Gandolfini, and New Jersey: together again!
  21. tv
    Seitz: How the Best Shows Are Turning Viewers Into Shrinks2011 was the season of TV on the couch.
  22. It’s That Episode 29: Matt Servitto (’The Sopranos’) Watches ‘The […]On “It’s That Episode” Craig Rowin (UCB Theatre) invites guests over to his apartment to watch any episode of any TV show they want. They […]
  23. matt zoller seitz
    Seitz Asks: What Are the Best Seasons and Episodes of The Sopranos?The show has been on our TV critic’s mind recently for a couple of reasons, one of which being that it ended its run five years ago this month.
  24. jamie lynn-sigler
    Jamie-Lynn Sigler, ‘Forever Wrong’For Jamie-Lynn, it’s Halloween all year!
  25. drama derby
    The Greatest TV Drama of the Past 25 Years, the Finals: The Wire vs. The SopranosNew York Magazine TV critic Matt Zoller Seitz makes the final call.
  26. drama derby
    Finalists Revealed for the Greatest TV Drama Readers Poll: Vote for Breaking Bad vs. BuffyThe winners of the main Drama Derby — The Wire versus The Sopranos — will be announced on Monday.
  27. drama derby
    The Greatest TV Drama of the Past 25 Years, Semifinals: Breaking Bad vs. The SopranoseHarmony would totally set these shows up on a date.
  28. drama derby
    The Greatest TV Drama of the Past 25 Years, Round Two: The Sopranos vs. The ShieldTwo tonally different series, united in excellence.
  29. finales
    David Chase Finally Resolves How The Sopranos Should Have EndedWith a bonus solution for how Seinfeld should have ended, too.
  30. drama derby
    The Greatest TV Drama of the Past 25 Years, Round One: The Sopranos vs. Six Feet Under Tony vs. the Fishers.
  31. drama derby
    What’s the Best TV Drama of the Last 25 Years?From Buffy to the Sopranos, sixteen dramas will vie for the title.
  32. talk
    Did Great TV Ruin Good TV?Are too many shows trying, and failing, to be The Sopranos?
  33. vulture investigates
    What Is the Great Mistake Lurking in ‘Don’t Stop Believin’’?Steve Perry finally addresses the fact that there actually is no such place as “South Detroit.”
  34. diddy
    See Diddy Channel Frank SinatraIf Diddy shares his Ciroc with anyone, it’s Aaron Paul. Or Phil Leotardo.
  35. fact-check
    Is the Mob Now As Laughable As Reality TV Makes It Seem? We Ask an FBI Agent“Based on my knowledge, the mob looks at these TV shows as a mockery of what they do.”
  36. amazing stories
    How Erik Weiner Turned One Line on The Sopranos Into a Big Role on Boardwalk Empire With Just One Viral Video“Leon, take your break at two” got him the part of Agent Sebso after he turned it into a song.
  37. obits
    Sopranos Actress Denise Borino-Quinn Dies at 46The wonderful mafia wife with a weight problem lost her battle with cancer.
  38. clickables
    See Lady Gaga’s Appearance on The Sopranos at Age 15Riveting!
  39. the industry
    CBS’s Blue Bloods Stirs up Sopranos Bad BloodHBO thinks two ex-’Sopranos’ writers are taking too much credit in promoting their new show, ‘Blue Bloods.’
  40. mad men
    Is Mad Men Half Over?Matthew Weiner reportedly announces that the show will not go beyond six seasons.
  41. books
    The Inevitable Mad Men and Philosophy Book Comes Out This SummerAyn Rand is involved.
  42. party lines
    Falco and Lansbury at Drama League Gala“I think David Chase would probably hang himself before he let such a thing happen,” says Edie Falco.
  43. wild things
    Sopranos/Wild Things Mash-UpFuggedaboutit!
  44. parodies
    HBO Viewer Warnings, If They Were HonestFinally, those awful Sopranos dream sequences get a warning.
  45. news reel
    James Gandolfini on Friendship With Elaine Stritch“I met her at a ‘Sopranos’ premiere party where she yelled at me about stuff.”
  46. mad men
    David Chase to Blame for Mad Men’s Lack of Nudity, Swear WordsHBO would’ve bought the show if only David Chase had agreed to produce or direct a couple episodes.
  47. best of the fest
    James Gandolfini on a Sopranos Movie: ‘It Would Be Great to Bring Everyone Back Together’“Obviously it is the writing of the script, and if David [Chase] and them come up with something.”
  48. apropos of nothing
    ‘Mad Men,’ the Latest Show You Should Watch™Let simple math prove to you why ‘The Sopranos’ is the greatest SYSW in TV history.
  49. the industry
    Spike Lee Tunes Up His Flux CapacitorPlus: J.J. Abrams to make movie about a house and Hollywood may finally have the perfect starring vehicle for McLovin.
  50. apropos of nothing
    ‘The Sopranos’: The Academic SymposiumPresentations include “Comfortably Numb? The Sopranos, New Brutalism and the Last Temptation of Chris.”
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