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The Sound Of Music Live

  1. Watch Bill Murray Fly Through the Air Dressed As Peter Pan Apparently, he’d like a part in NBC’s live musical.
  2. encores!
    NBC to Re-Air The Sound of Music LiveThis very Saturday.
  3. live tv
    NBC Is Doing Another Live Musical“We could do this again — and again and again.”
  4. take the wheel
    Carrie Underwood Is Probably Praying for You“Mean people need Jesus.”
  5. remakes
    Gretl and Liesl Did Not Like Sound of Music Live“To think, we could be watching Homeland.”
  6. tv ratings
    The Sound of Music Live Was a Huge HitLive viewers are necessary for networks to stay relevant, and rich.
  7. highs & lows
    The Highs and Lows of The Sound of Music LiveLaura Benanti’s pantsuit, Carrie Underwood’s acting, and those swastikas.
  8. yodeling
    Would You Like to Stream the Sound of Music Live Soundtrack?Oh boy.