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  1. reboots
    After Four Years On Ice, E! Reheats Some Delicious SoupWith new host Jade Catta-Preta.
  2. chat room
    Joel McHale on Reality TV, Donald Trump, and The Joel McHale Show“Believe me, if Trump goes back on The Apprentice, we’re all over it.”
  3. ‘The Joel McHale Show with Joel McHale’ Reimagines ‘The Soup’ for NetflixBefore Joel McHale starred as Jeff Winger on the much-beloved Community, he became a household name as the host of The Soup, the E! series […]
  4. reality rumble
    Kris Jenner Would Apparently Complain to E! About The Soup’s Kardashian JokesAnd, per Joel McHale, E! ultimately banned the show from Kardashian talk.
  5. talk shows
    Netflix Will Reheat Your The Soup With The Joel McHale Show With Joel McHaleThe weekly comedy talk show will premiere February 18.
  6. Watch Joel McHale and ‘The Soup’ Staff Say FarewellAfter 22 seasons on the air, The Soup aired its series finale on Friday, and host Joel McHale was joined by a star-studded guest lineup […]
  7. the soup
    Watch Joel McHale Give The Soup As Sincere a Good-bye As He Possibly CanGone, but not forgotten (yet).
  8. ‘The Soup’ Will End Its 22-Season Run on E! Next MonthThe Soup comes to an end next month after over two decades on the air. Variety reports that E! has decided to cancel The Soup after current […]
  9. cancellations
    Joel McHale’s The Soup Is Ending After 12 YearsThe final show airs December 18.
  10. Joel McHale Extends His Contract with E! Through 2016Fans of Joel McHale as host of E! show The Soup don’t have to worry about him leaving anytime soon – at least not for the next two years. […]
  11. What’s on TV This Week: The Emmys and the Finale of ‘Chelsea Lately’Tonight, Seth Meyers hosts the Primetime Emmy Awards from LA. Emmys will be given to Outstanding Comedy Series, the Best Actor and Actress in a […]
  12. Here’s Joel McHale’s ‘Comedians in Cars Getting Cocaine’ From The Soup last week, here’s a parody of Jerry Seinfeld’s Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee called “Comedians in Cars Getting Cocaine,” with […]
  13. spoofs
    Watch Joel McHale and Tony Hale Score Some Coke“Cocaine!”
  14. Joel McHale Explains What It’s Like to Be a Dyslexic TV Show Host“There [are] all these live shows I’m doing with The Soup now, and I’m reading [a] teleprompter the whole time, and people wanted to promote […]
  15. Key Piece of Technology Makes Clip-Finding Easy for ‘Daily Show,’ […]The Wrap has a piece out today on SnapStream, the television recording service that makes searching through thousands of clips for The Daily […]
  16. Watch Joel McHale and Jim Rash’s ‘True Detective’ Parody From last night’s episode of The Soup, here’s a sharp-looking True Detective parody starring Community duo Joel McHale and Jim Rash as an […]
  17. true detective
    Watch The Soup Take on True DetectiveSay it again, Rust.
  18. Joel McHale to Host the 2014 White House Correspondents DinnerThe Soup host and Community star Joel McHale has been named the host of this year’s White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner, the […]
  19. Joel McHale to Host Spin-Off Series ‘The Soup Investigates’E! announced today that they’re spinning off The Soup. The network is developing a new series, entitled The Soup Investigates, which will also […]
  20. in development
    The Soup Might Be Getting a SpinoffE! is also developing a drama based on The Prince and the Pauper.
  21. Phillip Phillips Meets Wilson PhillipsFor all the Phillips!
  22. deals
    Joel McHale Signs On for More SoupThank God.
  23. joe manganiello
    Watch Kylie Minogue Eat Doritos Off of Joe Manganiello’s PotbellyRight off the belly.
  24. prometheus
    Watch Joel McHale Spoof Michael Fassbender’s Prometheus VideoMcHale or Fassbender? McHale or Fassbender???
  25. Talking with Jonah Ray About His New Stand-Up Album, the Nerdist Podcast […]As co-host of the Nerdist podcast, one of the best and most popular comedy podcasts going, Jonah Ray wields a lot of power in the comedy […]
  26. Community Is Coming Back And There Will Be Dean Outfits Whether or not you’re happy with Community’s victory in the Best Sitcom Episode Tournament, get on board the March 15 train (not the monorail. […]
  27. vanilla ice
    Watch Vanilla Ice Bond With HipstersCan an ironic, ironic appreciation for Vanilla Ice be sincere? The Soup investigates.
  28. david cross
    Watch David Cross Skewer Clip Shows in ‘Cat Soup’And how do you feel about cat videos?
  29. Community Cast Continues Tirelessly Being Awesome on The Soup The Community cast visited Joel McHale during The Soup (skip to about 0:45 for them to show up if you don’t care about the fate of Mr. Cotton […]
  30. community
    Watch the Cast of Community (and Adam Scott and Nick Kroll) Make a Cameo on The SoupBest carpool ever?
  31. Checking In…with the Hosts of Talk SoupStarting today, you can see Joel McHale earning a paycheck in the literally diaper-smelling Spy Kids 4: All the Time in the World. Just […]
  32. Joel McHale on Stand-Up, Steve Martin And Carrot Top as a Beacon to The […] Joel McHale is much more than just a condescending smirk, though to be fair that smirk is what’s keeping his family in chicken dinners and […]
  33. chat room
    Joel McHale on Spy Kids 4, Community, and Being Compared to Ryan Seacrest“I’m one of the tallest men in show business and he’s one of the shortest.”
  34. jennifer aniston
    Joel McHale Presents Jennifer Aniston Is Going to Die Alone MagazineWhy can’t she just get over it?
  35. beef
    Mickey Rourke Plans to Ram Jam Joel McHale Back to the Twentieth CenturyThis can’t possibly be good news for the host of ‘The Soup.’
  36. quote machine
    The B-52s Take Their Wigs Out of MothballsPlus: Which director is “as crazy as a shithouse rat”?