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The Sparks Brothers

  1. endings
    Let’s Talk About the Ending of AnnetteEven people who don’t much care for Leos Carax’s latest film generally admit that the baffling musical ends well.
  2. the void
    All Your Questions About Adam Driver Singing During Cunnilingus, AnsweredDoes he belt directly into Marion Cotillard’s vagina in Annette, or nah?
  3. this town is big enough
    Are You Ready for the Summer of Sparks?With a new documentary out now and a musical debuting at Cannes, the stars are aligning for the “underrated, overlooked, and hugely influential” duo.
  4. sundance 2021
    Meeting the Greatest Band You’ve (Maybe) Never Heard OfEdgar Wright and the band Sparks talk about making the director’s new documentary, The Sparks Brothers.