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The Swell Season

  1. chat room
    Glen Hansard on The Swell Season and His Breakup With Marketa Irglova“The saddest thing that could happen out of all of this is that we’d stop being friends. That’s the worst-case scenario.”
  2. exclusive
    Watch a Clip From The Swell Season, the Documentary About the Stars of OnceGlen Hansard and Markéta Irglová fell in love filming ‘Once.’ This documentary shows how their romance unraveled.
  3. the swell season
    Swell Season Pays for Counseling for Fans Who Witnessed SuicideThirty-two-year-old jumped from roof covering the stage last week.
  4. terrible things
    Man Commits Suicide at a Swell Season ShowHere’s some awful news.
  5. jason segel
    Jason Segel Sings His Own Hilarious Song at a Swell Season ConcertThe comedian/actor/songwriter serenaded fans with his own off-color song Wednesday night.
  6. music
    The Couple from Once on Breaking Up but Still CollaboratingTwo members of the Swell Season who broke up last summer continue to work together.
  7. last night’s gig
    In the Flesh, Swell Season — the Band From ‘Once’ — As Sexually Tense You’d ImagineThe band almost blew their wad immediately.
  8. last night’s gig
    The Swell Season: Cute Couple Plays Aww-some ShowAt the sold-out Swell Season show at the Beacon Theatre last night, Frames front man and unlikely indie heartthrob Glen Hansard was ebullient over the success of the movie Once. “About a year ago we played to 70 people at Tonic,” he said. “And now we’re at the Beacon. Amazing.”