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The Top Five Web Comedy Videos Of The Week

  1. An ‘SNL’ Week in Comedy- Cecily Strong joins the cast of SNL! Jason Sudeikis is officially returning, but only through December. - President Obama is set to appear […]
  2. A Promising Week in Comedy- UCB’s Neil Casey is hired as a writer at SNL! Chicago’s Aidy Bryant and Tim Robinson join the cast! - Adam Pally and Gil Ozeri are making a […]
  3. A Collegiate Week in Comedy- Jon Glaser is joining the cast of Parks and Recreation. - Abby Elliott gets an arc on How I Met Your Mother. - Rob Riggle is set to make […]
  4. A Diller Week in Comedy- Phyllis Diller died at age 95. -  The Office will end after this season. - Jimmy Kimmel Live is moving to 11:30. - IFC adopted Chris […]
  5. A Broader Week in Comedy- Sherman Hemsley passed away at age 74. - Dan Harmon is in talks to do write a pilot for Fox. - NBC is going to make things a bit […]
  6. An Independent Week in Comedy- Andy Griffith passed away at age 86. - Eastbound & Down is getting a surprise fourth season. - Seth Meyers might step down at SNL to […]
  7. A Mournful Week in Comedy- Nora Ephron passed away at age 71. - Comedy Central ordered series from Anthony Jeselnik, Amy Schumer, and Ben Hoffman. - The entire cast […]
  8. A Staggering Week in Comedy- There might be a Bored to Death TV movie. - MTV to turn Nikki Glaser and Sara Schaefer’s popular podcast into a weekly TV show. - NBC is […]
  9. A Dicey Week in Comedy- Louis C.K. and Andrew Dice Clay are going to be in the next Woody Allen film. - Andy Samberg officially said goodbye to SNL. - Someone is […]
  10. A Fired Week in Comedy- Dan Harmon will no longer be involved Community and we looked at what that means. - Christopher Guest is working on a television show. - […]
  11. A Sequel to a Week in Comedy- We introduced you to SNL’s new cast member Kate McKinnon. - We guided you through the vast world of Los Angeles comedy. - Ron Burgundy […]
  12. A Sweltering Week in Comedy- We guided you through the comedy landscape of Austin, TX. - We spoke to Aziz Ansari about his new self-released standup special. - We […]
  13. A South By Week in Comedy- We interviewed comedian and Fun Dad Pete Holmes. - We considered the raw quality of Zach Galifianakis’ standup. - We got serious about […]
  14. A Reminiscent Week in Comedy- We have a newsletter now! - The votes have spoken, and they have anointed “Remedial Chaos Theory” the Best Sitcom Episode ever. […]
  15. A Cutthroat Week in Comedy- We determined television’s ultimate eating champion. - It’s all come down to this. “Remedial Chaos Theory” or “Marge vs. the Monorail”? - […]
  16. A Party-Worthy Week in Comedy- The Best Sitcom Episode Ever Tournament has reached a white-hot crescendo with the FINAL FOUR. Community. Fawlty Towers. The Simpsons. […]
  17. A Romantic Week in Comedy- The Elite Eight is here. Next week these eight episodes are gonna STRAIGHT UP THROW DOWN. Get ready. - We wrote a Valentine to Annie […]
  18. A Lowbrow Week in Comedy- Round One of The Best Sitcom Episode Ever Tournament is complete! Make your Round Two predictions now. - We told you everything you didn’t […]
  19. A Competitive Week in Comedy- We kicked off The Best Sitcom Episode Ever Tournament! And the tough choices started immediately: Simpsons vs. Seinfeld? Office vs. Office? […]
  20. A Genuine Original Week in Comedy- Shit Comedy Websites Say: “We analyzed the Shit X Says meme 50 days later.” - We smiled genuinely at Letterman’s most sincere moments with […]
  21. A Semi-Controversial Week in Comedy- Eddie Brill was fired after his controversial quotes in the New York Times. - We spoke to Chris Lilley about Angry Boys, Summer Heights High […]
  22. An American Week in Comedy- After Stephen Colbert hypothetically beat Jon Huntsman in South Carolina, he’s making preparations to run for President. - We unraveled the […]
  23. A Forward-Looking Week in Comedy- We presented ten of the funniest unaired SNL sketches. - We interviewed Carrie Brownstein (and then looked up the words “auspices” and […]
  24. A Cheery Week in Comedy- We wrapped up The 20 Specials of Christmas with Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, The Bob Newhart Show, Mystery Science Theater 3000: Santa […]
  25. A Louis C.K. Week in Comedy- This week, Louis C.K. released his new special on his website, which turned out to be a huge success. Plus he did a whole bunch of cool […]
  26. An Increasingly Christmassy Week in Comedy-Merry holidays! The 20 specials of Christmas continued this week, with Futurama’s “Xmas Story”, Moral Orel, Father Knows Best, The Simpsons, […]
  27. A Bummer Week in Comedy- Stand-up Patrice O’Neal passed away this week after suffering a stroke last month. We remembered his brilliant comedy and pre-ordered his new […]
  28. A Fairly Horrifying Week in Comedy- NBC dropped Community from its midseason lineup! We despaired (can network comedies with long-term jokes even survive?), we bargained (we […]
  29. A Week of Shake-Ups in Comedy- Brett Ratner wasn’t doing the Oscars, and then neither was Eddie Murphy. But Brian Grazer is, and so is Billy Crystal! - We detailed the […]
  30. A Hopeful Week in Comedy- Comic Patrice O’Neal suffered a stroke last week, and we’re thinking of him and his family. - We covered our eyes with a colorfully knit […]
  31. A Campy Week in Comedy- We remembered the very worst syndicated sitcoms of the 90’s. - The gang at Tabernacle Lake Community Church wants to “hang ten” with your […]
  32. A Wish-Fulfilling Week in Comedy- Arrested Development is coming back! We took a tour through its possible new homes, and we checked in on its recurring characters. - In […]
  33. A Memorial Week in Comedy-Louis CK paid tribute to George Carlin. -We told you why you should watch Ronna and Bev. -We took a look at the pilot of The New […]
  34. A Hard-Working Week in Comedy-We watched the over-the-top Big Lebowski porn parody. -We looked at the arc of George Carlin’s standup career. -Outgoing UCB Theatre […]
  35. Comedy This Week-Bridesmaids comes out today, and people seem to very much like it. -Stephen Colbert is filing for his PAC, despite Viacom’s objections. -A […]
  36. The Comedic Week That Was-NBC’s Thursday night comedies came back! And we recapped all of ‘em. -Ricky Gervais made jokes at the Golden Globes and some awful, boring […]
  37. The Week in Comedy: The End of Classic Simpsons WeekIt’s been a pretty fun week here at Splitsider as we wrap up our very first theme week. We tackled what is my personal favorite TV show of all […]