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The Tree Of Life

  1. deep dives
    Will Terrence Malick Ever Really Finish The Tree of Life?We break down the differences between the original and the new cut, released today.
  2. endurance test
    You Can Now Spend Your Entire Life Watching The Tree of LifeInstead of a director’s cut, it’s basically an entirely new movie.
  3. future of movies
    The Man Who Has Changed Film Wants to Try Again“If you want people to go to movie theaters, you’ve got to offer something that’s really, truly spectacular.”
  4. oscar race 2012
    How to Think Positive About This Year’s Underwhelming Oscar NomineesIf you’re feeling unenthused about the nominees, we can help.
  5. Tree of Life Producer Isn’t Optimistic About OscarThe Artist is a contender for all of the awards and The Tree of Life is a contender for no awards.”
  6. best of 2011
    David Edelstein’s Favorite Performances From 2011And a few of his worsts, as well.
  7. Ang Lee Wanted Hulk to Look Like Tree of Life“There are some locations [in Tree of Life] I even scouted before.”
  8. movies
    Sean Penn Didn’t Really Get Tree of Life EitherHe doesn’t know what he added to the film.
  9. clickables
    See Fox’s Helpful Suggestion to Watch Tree of Life While StonedIt’s the new ‘2001,’ they hope.
  10. cannes
    The Tree of Life Debuts at Cannes to Boos and SwoonsAnd punches!
  11. clickables
    See Brad Pitt Fight His Sons in a Tree of Life ClipMaddox wouldn’t have stood for this.
  12. clickables
    Poke Around the Mesmerizing Promo Site for The Tree of LifeNope, still no idea what it all means.
  13. trailer mix
    Tree of Life Trailer: Brad Pitt, Daddy Issues, and Outer SpaceBut no dinosaurs, yet.