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The Tudors

  1. casting couch
    Jonathan Rhys Meyers Will Play Dracula for NBCFrom the Tudors to Transylvania.
  2. the industry
    Industry Roundup: New Blood for True BloodPlus: New screenplays from the writers of ‘Brokeback Mountain.’
  3. tv
    Watch the First Episode of The Tudors Season Four in Its EntiretyIt’s all on YouTube.
  4. quote machine
    Thanks to In Rainbows, It Doesn’t Matter Which Side of the Bed Justin Timberlake Wakes Up OnPlus: Virginia Madsen is proud of her ass.
  5. kudos
    Emmys Announce Ten-Show-Long Lists for Best Series Awards’The Wire’ and ‘Family Guy’ highlight lists full of surprises.
  6. countdown
    Meet the Tudors!How similar are the actors on Showtime’s series to the actual historical figures they play? Well, not so much.
  7. in the magazine
    How Is Eliot Spitzer Like Henry VIII? Ask Jonathan Rhys MeyersAnd did Jonathan Rhys Meyers study Kim Jong Il before taking on the role?
  8. the industry
    All Those Nuts You Sent to CBS Paid Off: ‘Jericho’ Might Return