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The Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn Part 1

  1. Who Just Became the Most Successful Female Screenwriter Ever?Hint: She put words into Bella’s mouth.
  2. What Twilight Has That Star Wars Doesn’tWhatever its failings, at least it’s got more than one female character.
  3. The Spoiler Interview: Breaking Dawn’s Screenwriter Discusses the Sex Scene, the Bloody Birth, and Feminism“As a pro-choice feminist … I would not have done this movie if it violated my own beliefs.”
  4. What Not to Expect From Breaking DawnHint: Taylor Lautner mostly keeps his shirt on.
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    Why Kristen Stewart Is Afraid to Admit She’s Dating Robert PattinsonEven though she accidentally did to ‘GQ.’
  6. comic-con 2011
    Bill Condon Was Not Ready for Your Screaming, Twilight Fans“I was surprised by all the screams. I was!”
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    Watch a Snippet of Breaking Dawn’s Wedding SceneVampires love getting married.
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    See the First Poster for Twilight: Breaking Dawn, Part 1It could use more vampire babies, frankly.