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  1. the vulture spot
    Lisa Barlow Is Aiming High With Real HousewivesVicky Posh, you might have an email from Andy Cohen incoming.
  2. the vulture spot
    Greta Gerwig Is an Influencer, ActuallyLady Bird impacted the way Oscar nominee Sean Wang approached his new film, Dìdi (弟弟).
  3. the vulture spot
    Pauly Shore Is Ready for His Oscar“It’s not only Richard Simmons’s comeback story, it’s my comeback too.”
  4. the vulture spot
    Winner Finds Humor in a Whisteblower ThrillerSusanna Fogel on making election interference kinda funny.
  5. sundance 2024
    (Nearly) Live From the Vulture Spot at the Sundance Film FestivalEverything going on in our Park City interview space.
  6. the vulture spot
    Hold Up, How Have We Gone Without a Luther Vandross Doc?“We’re filling in parts we didn’t know,” director Dawn Porter said.
  7. the vulture spot
    The American Society of Magical Negroes Cast Knows People Are TalkingKobi Libii, Justice Smith, and David Alan Grier are well aware that Twitter already has opinions.
  8. the vulture spot
    Perry Farrell Sees Lollapalooza As a LollipopPlus, how his band Jane’s Addiction ended up on the Twilight soundtrack.
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    John Early Identifies As a ‘Deeply Stressed Person’That’s perfect for his role in Stress Positions.
  10. the vulture spot
    Jesse Eisenberg Made the Kind of Holocaust Film He Wanted to SeePlus, he explains why he and Kieran Culkin butted heads over how much coverage to shoot.
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    Normani Pivots to ’80s Rap in Freaky Tales“I feel like I was able to get outside of what I would traditionally sound like.”
  12. the vulture spot
    Simone Ashley Duets With Cool Cat Zayn Malik in 10 Lives“I pested Chris at the beginning of this, like, I can sing, I can sing,” the Bridgerton star said of how the song came about.
  13. the vulture spot
    The ’90s Nickelodeon Easter Egg Hidden in I Saw the TV GlowAdventures of Pete & Pete fans, don’t blink or you might miss it.
  14. the vulture spot
    Julia Fox’s New Home Came With A Free GhostJust like the one in her new movie, Steven Soderbergh’s supernatural thriller Presence.
  15. the vulture spot
    The Real-Life Chaotic Dinners That Influenced Between the TemplesIn the Jason Schwartzman and Carol Kane comedy about an unconventional bat mitzvah, no setting is safe from potential drama.
  16. comics to watch
    2023’s Comedians You Should Know Reflect on a Big YearJay Jurden helps our honorees wax nostalgic and look ahead to 2024.
  17. comics to watch
    Meet 2023’s Comedians You Should Know of Los AngelesJay Jurden talked shop with this year’s honorees on the West Coast.
  18. comics to watch
    Get to Know 2023’s Comedians You Should Know of New York*Jay Jurden talked shop with this year’s honorees on the East Coast — *and also Chicago.
  19. the vulture spot
    Harry Hamlin and His Stylish Jackets Are Magical on Mayfair WitchesDespite his character not having any powers.
  20. the vulture spot
    How GLOW Helped My Animal Illustrate Lust“I feel like everyone could connect to the early teenage experience of being aroused by some sort of videotape that you keep hidden.”
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    Priya Kansara’s Only Injury While Filming Polite Society Was From … WalkingDirected by We Are Lady Parts’ Nida Manzoor, the film blends marital and martial arts.
  22. the vulture spot
    Jonathan Majors Says Prepping for SNL Was Almost As Difficult As Bodybuilding“Both were extremely physical, long hours, and I had to eat a lot.”
  23. the vulture spot
    Rotting in the Sun Features 30 to 600 PenisesSebastián Silva and Jordan Firstman report back from a gay nude beach.
  24. the vulture spot
    The Mahogany Drive Crew Swaps Improv Horror StoriesShould every improv feel like your first? Sounds immensely stressful.
  25. the vulture spot
    All Dirt Roads Taste of Salt Was an Exercise of ‘Trust and Play’Talking about the water cycle at the Vulture Spot.
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    Flora and Son Wants to Show How the Internet Isn’t All BadFalling in love over Zoom, as directed by Once’s John Carney.
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    When Steph Curry Met Peter Nicks He Fumbled a QuesadillaIt’s hard holding a quesadilla while wearing four championship rings.
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    A Thousand and One’s AV Rockwell Felt Erased in New York“Part of what made me feel the urgency to tell this story was I felt New York lied to us,” says the Sundance Grand Jury Prize–winning director.
  29. the vulture spot
    Fremont Is a Response to a ‘Fallacy’ About Women in AfghanistanAccording to director Babak Jalali.
  30. the vulture spot
    Ira Sachs Wanted to Make Passages for … Love“What they do in front of the camera is quite aesthetically and erotically and emotionally engaging,” the director said.
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    The Indigo Girls Were Surprised They Made a DocumentaryDespite being scared, Amy Ray and Emily Saliers called the documentary a “huge honor.”
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    Anna Camp and Jane Levy’s Edgiest Co-star Is a 6-Year-OldKids say the darndest things on set!
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    Eugenio Derbez Wants Radical to Empower Teachers“I think this movie might be able to change the system,” says the Sundance alum.
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    Murder in Big Horn Shines a Light on Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women“There’s this idea that Native American tribes are a part of our history when we’re in existence and surviving.”
  35. the vulture spot
    Ben Platt Wishes He Could Oblivate Harry Potter SpoilersJust wait till he finds out about J.K. Rowling…
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    Emma Tremblay Probably Saw a UFO On the Set of Aliens Abducted My ParentsExtraterrestrial life imitates art.
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    Fairyland Magicked Up a 1970s San FranciscoPlus, Adam Lambert discusses how to get the most magical ice cream possible.
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    To Live and Die and Live Star Skye P. Marshall Had to Scale Rocks in HeelsAnd slept in a truck that night.
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    Greta Lee Couldn’t Touch Teo Yoo While Filming Past LivesCeline Song knows how to build the antici … pation.
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    Gael García Bernal Learned the Pain of Pro Wrestling While Filming CassandroThe ropes were a particular bee in his luchador mask.
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    The Persian Version’s Layla Mohammadi Has Her Elevator Pitch Down“Everything they thought they knew about each other is upended,” says director Maryam Keshavarz.
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    The Cast and Crew of Bad Behaviour Get Interviewed by AILike Frost/Nixon, but way dumber.
  43. the vulture spot
    Young. Wild. Free. Couldn’t Be Young, Wild, or Free Until After COVID DelaysThe film began production in March 2020.
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    Randall Park Wants You to Be Self-reflective With Shortcomings“It is a movie about personal growth and change,” says the first-time director of his Sundance feature.
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    Zar Amir Ebrahimi, Noora Niasari, Mojean Aria, Osamah Sami Had Fun Making ShaydaThe best-dressed team chats about working on the dramatic film.