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The Weekend Read

  1. the weekend read
    ‘Stardust’ Author Neil Gaiman Answers the Question Every Author Hates to HearThe author of Stardust on where those fantastical notions come from.
  2. the weekend read
    Jane Austen, Teenage Know-It-AllA taste of Jane Austen, in Anne Hathaway’s honor.
  3. the weekend read
    Sick of Harry Potter? So Are These GuysClassic Harry Potter takedowns.
  4. the weekend read
    Nothing Sounds More Insincere Than a Parrot Speaking FrenchElizabeth McCracken’s “The House of the Two Three-Legged Dogs.”
  5. the weekend read
    Ann Patchett, Los Angeles Police Recruit?Ann Patchett is the author of one of the best novels we’ve read in the past five years, Bel Canto, as well as the lovely memoir Truth & Beauty and the upcoming novel Run. So when we heard about her short essay in The Washington Post Magazine, “The Wall,” our first response was surprise that such a gentle and funny writer once attempted to qualify for the Los Angeles Police Academy.
  6. the weekend read
    Finding God in Love and DeathA year ago Christian Wiman, a brilliant poet and the editor of Poetry magazine, was diagnosed with incurable cancer on his 39th birthday. His short memoir “Gazing Into the Abyss” appears in the current issue of The American Scholar, and Wiman’s writing is remarkable for both its toughness in the face of difficult times and its vulnerability to the power of deep emotion.
  7. the weekend read
    ‘To All Intents and Purposes I Would Say I’m Probably Relatively Insane.’
  8. the weekend read
    Woody Allen Addresses the Perils of Lusty Time Travel
  9. the weekend read
    ‘In a Life Filled With Mistakes, This Is One I Don’t Need’
  10. the weekend read
    Does Maaza Mengiste Deserve to Be Your Literary Idol?
  11. the weekend read
    That Kid in the Cancer Ward Is Kind of Cute
  12. the weekend read
    ‘Stop the Presses: Fat Alcoholic Once Attempted Moustache’
  13. the weekend read
  14. the weekend read
    Horror and Hope in a Russian School
  15. apropos of nothing
    The Elephant in the Room
  16. the weekend read
    ‘Any Life, Examined This Way, Looks Ludicrous’