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The Wine Show

  1. trailer mix
    The Full-Bodied, Crisp, and Earthy Wine Show Men Return in the Season 3 TrailerThe Matthews are joined by Dominic West.
  2. damn good content
    Dominic West Is the Newest Handsome Man to Join The Wine ShowThe Matthews are shaking!
  3. tv
    The Wine Show Season Two: More Wine, More British Accents, and More PunsNo one makes a quality wine-tasting face like Matthew Goode.
  4. exclusive
    The Wine Show Season Two Is Coming to Hulu, and This Time It’s in FranceThe handsome British hosts are off to southern France.
  5. chat room
    Matthew Rhys on His Dream Americans Ending“I became a double agent and ultimately Elizabeth becomes a triple agent.”
  6. drinking game
    Play The Wine Show Drinking GameGet one of those giant 6.5-liter bottles.
  7. tv review
    We’re Drunk in Love With The Wine ShowMatthew Rhys. Matthew Goode. A whole lot of wine. Need we say more?
  8. chat room
    Matthew Goode on Filming The Wine Show in Italy“It was like taking a really strange and odd two-week drinking holiday.”
  9. The Wine Show Is Coming to HuluDreams really do come true.
  10. roll clip!
    Watch Adorable Outtakes From The Wine ShowPrepare yourself for major Sauvignon blanc swooning.
  11. blooper reels
    Watch Goode & Rhys in The Wine Show Blooper Reel“Sorry, I just went through puberty.”
  12. roll clip!
    Watch Matthew Rhys and Rachael Ray Talk WineMatthew Rhys had a wine mishap, the poor fellow.