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The Wiz

  1. not in kansas anymore
    We’re Off to See Another Wizard of Oz RemakeBecause there weren’t enough already.
  2. ease on down
    Watch Uzo Aduba’s The Wiz Live! PerformanceBelieve in yourself!
  3. ratings gold
    The Wiz Live Struck Ratings Gold for NBCEase on down.
  4. the wiz
    The Highs and Lows of The Wiz Live!Take us even higher, Wiz.
  5. The Wiz Live! Was Better Than NBC’s Peter Pan, But That’s AllThe problem is the show itself.
  6. ease on down
    The Wiz Needed a Studio AudienceDidn’t you want to clap?
  7. chat room
    David Alan Grier on the World Changing So Fast“It’s really exasperating when your uncle, your mother, or your cousin is trying to tell you about rape culture.”
  8. the wiz live!
    Uzo Aduba and Amber Riley Will Play Good Witch Sisters in The Wiz Live!Yep, Crazy Eyes can sing, too.
  9. casting couch
    Shanice Williams Will Play Dorothy in The Wiz“Mom, I got the part!”
  10. the industry
    Queen Latifah, Mary J. Blige Join NBC’s The WizThey’ll play the Wiz and the Wicked Witch, respectively.
  11. NBC Has Officially Picked The Wiz As Its Next Live MusicalIt’s set to air December 3.
  12. oz the great and powerful
    Oz Beyond Oz: 10 Ruby-Slipper-Less Wizard of Oz TreatmentsLittle Dorothy Gale didn’t take just one trip to Oz, so why should we?
  13. in the magazine
    Get an Advance Look at Next Week’s New YorkYou’ve got a choice between Ashanti and the Venice Biennale.
  14. comebacks
    Ashanti Prepares to Ease on Down, Ease on Down the RoadSo long as they don’t cast Ja Rule as the Wiz, we’re totally fine with this.